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Setting goals

S.M.A.R.T. objectives are a valuable guide for your company. Often and willingly we hear about the definition of corporate objectives, perhaps based on the mission and, above all, on the vision. But how do you understand if the business objectives are really well defined? In this guide we will explain the meaning of the acronym S.M.A.R.T. and what are the golden rules to be respected for a truly effective management of objectives.

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S = Specific

When setting a goal, being specific and extremely clear about what you want to achieve is crucial. The journalistic model of the 5W (who, what, when, where, which) can help us to determine if our goal is specific.

Who = consider the people who will be involved to achieve a goal

What = define exactly what you want to achieve

When = think about a period of time to achieve the goal

Where = through which tool to go to manage the target

Which = determine any obstacles or requirements related to your goal

M = Measurable

What metrics do you have available to understand if you have actually achieved the goal?

By having reference metrics, it will be easier for you to measure your progress in the field. If the project is long-term and takes several months, you can always set milestones to measure the actual progress.

A = Achievable

Your goal must be attainable and achievable taking into account the resources at your disposal. At this stage, you need to think carefully about how to reach your goal and if you have the necessary tools and skills, if not, think about how to acquire them.

R = Relevant

The objectives must be relevant, i.e. useful in terms of cost/opportunity for your company. When we talk about relevant goals we are referring to something worth pursuing and that is well integrated into the context of larger business objectives.

T = Time-based

For an objective to be truly SMART it is necessary to set deadlines and a specific time for its achievement. Always remember to set deadlines for achieving your goals and, if the goal takes several months to reach, set milestones.

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