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Ideas for a Weekend at Lago Maggiore!

A holiday on Lago Maggiore is something special, with proposals in the name of nature, art and local specialties

Also for 2021, Lago Maggiore is one of the most renowned and sophisticated destinations in our Bel Paese. It is not only a destination of absolute charm due to the beauty of the landscape and the high quality of the accommodation facilities, but also a place capable of bringing together different types of tourists.

In fact, even just a weekend at Lago Maggiore can be spent in the name of nature, relaxation, fun, culture and good food with perfect proposals for those traveling as a couple, as a family or with friends.


What to do on Lago Maggiore to spend a dream weekend? Let yourself be inspired by some original ideas and unusual itineraries for your next vacation, with suggestions from your Engel & Völkers agency.


According to the most popular travel tips on what to do and see on Lago Maggiore, Stresa, Arona and the Borromean Islands remain real obligatory stops. Yet, there are many other destinations, equally noteworthy, whose villages enchant visitors from every corner of the planet with their picturesque sceneries to say the least.

One of the things to do at Lago Maggiore is to get lost in the magic of some of those that have been classified as the most beautiful villages in Italy, such as those of Cannobio and Cannero, both overlooking the shores of the lake and renowned for their Blue Flag waters by Legambiente.

 Laveno M.
- castelli-di-cannero.jpg

Why should you visit them? For the elegant historic buildings and the charming fishermen's houses of the former; for the castles and the very particular terraces planted with citrus fruits of the second. In both cases, the amenity of the place will bewitch you, perfect both for a lazy summer weekend and for a romantic trip out of town during winter months.

Ecco le nostre proprietà a Cannero e Cannobio


After having satisfied your soul and eyes with the beauties of the landscape, do not forget to stop in one of the many restaurants, trattorias of the place or in some starred restaurant.

If you are wondering what to eat at Lago Maggiore to get to know the local specialties, we undoubtedly suggest a tasting of mountain cheeses with honey, without forgetting typical cured meats such as mortadella Ossolana or lard with Macugnaga herbs, to be accompanied strictly to a full-bodied glass of wine such as Ghemme DOCG or Prunet.

Among the most popular gastronomic proposals of Lago Maggiore cuisine, recipes based on fresh fish from the lake stand out, such as trout, perch or bleak, used both to make tasty first courses with fresh filled pasta and risotto, and for simple main course, always tasty.

You should also try the typical sweets such as Crescenzin, a round bread made from rye, with walnuts, figs and raisins. A specialty that you can easily find in any bakery in the area.


One of the features that make Lago Maggiore unique in the world is the landscape, where the water is embraced by Alpine peaks and lush valleys. This peculiarity makes it a privileged destination for those who love nature and experiences in contact with nature.

For this type of traveler, choosing what to do at Lago Maggiore means ranging from many outdoor activities, with different options, season by season. If during the summer you can enjoy water sports, the many trekking routes, hiking in nature or cycling, in winter you can practice skiing and snowboarding.

 Laveno M.
- sport-acquatici-lago.jpg

Among the most unusual sporting activities to do at Lago Maggiore we recommend a jump (it is appropriate to say it) to Lago Maggiore Zipline where, harnessed and hung from a steel cable, you can fly suspended 350m from the ground, enjoying a breathtaking view of the lake. And if that's not enough, treat yourself to a stop at Lago Maggiore Adventure Park in Baveno where you can test yourself with suspension bridges and climbing routes of different levels suitable for sportsmen of all ages.


A weekend at Lago Maggiore almost always means preferring an exclusive and sophisticated destination, away from the chaos and confusion of the most touristy and inflated destinations, for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and tranquility.

In this case, one of the tips on what to do at Lago Maggiore is certainly enjoying a small wellness break at one of the many spas in the area. There are several places that can boast thermal waters with unique properties such as Crodo, famous for its waters rich in mineral salts that are beneficial to the body, Premia known for its warm waters that flow from Cadarese spring. Even in case of rain, no problem: you can pamper yourself with special spa treatments and wellness packages at one of the many spas in the area and return home completely regenerated and recharged.

 Laveno M.
- trattamenti-termali-lago.jpg


Among the things that make the lake area special there is certainly a particularly mild climate all year round. It is no coincidence that the Lake Maggiore area is full of beautiful gardens and flowered terraces that color the landscape in every season.

Some of the most beautiful? The botanical gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania, designed in 1931 by a Scottish captain eager to recreate a small corner of his native land in Italy: over 16 hectares of botanical varieties and rare species, with a world famous herbarium. Even more ancient and evocative is the garden of Isola Bella, in the Borromean archipelago, built between 1631 and 1671 and a typical example of an Italian Baroque garden.

To make this corner of green special are its 10 spectacular terraces that are colored with different colors depending on the season with a triumph of scents. In addition to the wonderful botanical varieties, it will win you over for its architecture, for the splendid view but also for the presence of white peacocks that live there in freedom.

Per chi sogna di vivere a Verbania


The tranquility of the place and the possibility of coming into contact with nature make the lake an ideal destination for families as well. For this reason, even deciding what to do at Lago Maggiore with children opens the door to endless opportunities.

Among the ideas to take note of, we suggest a visit to the Doll and Toy Museum in Angera, a collection of toys from all historical periods that will fascinate even the adults. Alternatively, opt for a day outdoors at the Safari Park in Pombia where, aboard a vehicle, children can observe over 110 animal species in an evocative and engaging journey totally respecting the biodiversity.
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