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Welcome at Engel & Völkers, your real estate agent in Costa Smeralda - Sardinia

Costa Smeralda is world-renowned for its pristine nature, crystal-clear waters, and long white sandy beaches. In a few words: it’s natural luxury under every aspect.

And it’s in this exclusive location that we will assist you in finding the perfect luxury villa for a daydream holiday in Sardinia.

Our real estate agency offers a constantly updated selection of exclusive properties both for sale and rent in Costa Smeralda, ranging from the most prestigious waterfront villas with a swimming pool, the finest flats with sea views, and sophisticated countryside estates in the quaintest charming locations.

Operating in Costa Smeralda since 2007, with a shop in Porto Cervo and one in Olbia, we have acquired a wealth of experience that distinguishes us as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the luxury real estate market both locally and internationally, for sale, rent, and let your house.

Our agents will support you with professionalism, reliability, and discretion in your real estate search, getting to know you and providing an insider perspective on the market whether you are willing to buy a house or searching for a luxury rental for your getaway in Costa Smeralda.

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An exclusive paradise in the Mediterranean

Renowned all over the world for its magnificent sandy beaches, famous restaurants, and elegant boutiques, Costa Smeralda is one of the most dreamlike locations where anyone would like to spend their holidays.

Beautiful sunsets and the changing colors of the emerald waters provide the perfect backdrop for an exciting holiday. Splendid villas of perfect architectural proportions dot the coastline, while a few minutes’ drive into the surrounding countryside is all you need to fall in love with its more refined side, admiring the simplicity of rural residences.

Costa Smeralda, a heritage of incomparable beauty, is the destination where we will be delighted to help you discover your ideal home.

Costa Smeralda: an everlasting fairytale

Once upon a time, a prince was sailing on his yacht off the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. As he approached the coast of Gallura, with its bays, pink rocks, and emerald sea, the prince fell in love with this enchanting land and wanted to make it his own. Here ends the popular fable that tells the birth of the world's most celebrated tourism business and begins the chronicle.

When His Highness Karim Aga Khan, Prince of the Ishmaelites, decided to land in Olbia, he was not thinking of Costa Smeralda as it is today. He intended to build a series of villas where he could spend his holidays with friends. So, the prince decided to turn the initiative into a real investment. The Year 1962.

The "Costa Smeralda" logo evokes an exclusive world of quality tourism, of the "happy few" who for years have shared an earthly dream that is encoded in the right to happiness.

The nature of Costa Smeralda is protected in the landscape and environment of the Consortium's Building Regulations, which impose respect for it in flora, color, and materials. The Consorzio Costa Smeralda is a tiny piece of land compared to Sardinia, but it has become the very evocation of an island, synonymous with quality tourism.

Costa Smeralda is one of the most welcoming places for summer tourism and leisure.

Local heart with a global perspective

Our wish is to give you the enchantment of the marvellous views of our land, dotted with the most prestigious villas and the most elegant flats.

Properties on the Costa Smeralda are not just a source of inspiration, but fulfil the dream of exclusive living!

They are rare gems and synonymous with social prestige: they represent the most private, special, and emotional part of our lives.

If you are thinking of selling or buying a property, we at Engel & Völkers are not only an expert interlocutor but also a trusted partner who knows how to appreciate the value and uniqueness of each property.

Our services go far beyond those of a traditional estate agency. With the in-house support of architects, photographers, and web marketing experts, we will provide you with a tailor-made professional service.

We work with you in designing and implementing an appropriate marketing strategy, using both our personal relationships with Engel & Völkers colleagues around the world and using new tools to ensure maximum and best exposure for each property we represent.

This is why we are the first choice for those who want to buy, sell or rent a house in Costa Smeralda.

We know what is suitable for the needs of those who turn to us to buy a sea view villa in Porto Cervo or to spend a holiday by the pool in Porto Rotondo.

Discretion and confidentiality, professionalism, and reliability. We protect the values you hold dear

We are proud of the luxury properties we promote here and consider them to be the finest collection of exclusive residences in and around Costa Smeralda.

Based on commitment and integrity, we have acquired over the years a wealth of experience that not only justifies our reputation as specialists in the negotiation of fine properties but also distinguishes us in the world of luxury real estate at an international level.

For us, in both the sale and purchase of a property, experience, and expertise are the guidelines for success.

If you are dreaming of a villa by the sea in the Romazzino bay, a prestigious penthouse on the Porto Cervo promenade or overlooking the Piazzetta of Porto Rotondo, a house overlooking the Cala di Volpe Bay, a flat with a view of Tavolara or the architectural uniqueness of the villas of Puntaldia or Porto Rafael, our vast real estate portfolio will certainly satisfy you.

Discretion and confidentiality, professionalism, and reliability. We protect the values you hold most dear.

A house to live in, a house to experience

Some of our customers see renting as a first step towards buying their ideal home. The advantages are many, but probably the most important element for them is the possibility of immediately experiencing that emotion of desired and familiar intimacy.

The selection of proposals ranges from the most exclusive villas to the most romantic flats overlooking the sea and splendid residences in the green Sardinian countryside.

The choice of elegant properties is the result of careful and patient research and is certainly the result of the care and professional experience that we have always put at your service.

Luxury rentals: quality, expertise, and professionalism to meet your expectations

Engel & Völkers Luxury Rentals is our division entirely dedicated to offering you the thrill of experiencing the culture and authenticity of Sardinia's traditions, staying - even for short periods - in the most prestigious private villas and apartments.

Thanks to our local experience and dedication to the luxury market, we ensure the highest level of service and competent professional assistance to both owners and clients wishing to rent a property in Costa Smeralda.

Our multilingual estate agents not only have in-depth knowledge of the local property market but also use the strength of our global network to ensure access to an exclusive, qualified, and loyal international clientele.

We will gladly take care of the valuation of your property, assessing its rental values together, carving out the best marketing strategy, presenting it impeccably to our clients, and finally assisting you both in the preparation and during the signing of the rental contract: the Engel & Völkers Luxury Rentals team will assist you with competence, exclusivity, and passion.

To guarantee you immediacy and completeness of services, Engel & Völkers Luxury Concierge Service: a network of highly professional contacts, a list of first-class, responsible and competent suppliers, operating not only in Costa Smeralda but internationally. Flexibility is our strength.

We will always be able to meet your expectations by recommending the best chauffeur service, top chefs, personal maids, baby-sitting, bodyguards, and luxury car hire.

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda, one of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations in the world, is located on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, covering a total of 88 km.

The heart of Costa Smeralda is the village of Porto Cervo, famous for its elegant boutiques, renowned restaurants and clubs, the famous people who frequent it, and the Marina, home to the world's most beautiful and largest yachts.

Around the village of Porto Cervo, the remaining areas of Costa Smeralda are: Romazzino, Cala di Volpe, Piccolo Pevero, Pevero Golf, Pantogia and Liscia di Vacca.

Although outside the "Consorzio Costa Smeralda", the areas of Abbiadori, Poltu Quatu, Baia Sardinia, Cannigione and Porto Rotondo are also considered, in a non-formal way, part of the Costa Smeralda.

Porto Cervo

The undisputed capital of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is a well-known holiday hotspot, built around a natural inlet whose shape resembles a deer and dominates the promenades facing the sea. In summer it becomes an extraordinary and glittering parade of yachts and celebrities. The center is made up of its famous little square around which are the shops, boutiques with prestigious names, the most renowned restaurants, luxury hotels, fashionable nightclubs, and the villas that climb up to the surrounding hills, immersed in the Mediterranean maquis. Village life revolves around the promenade, Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere, and Sottopiazza, a maze of narrow streets, windows, and balconies - built in what has become the style of Costa Smeralda.

Porto Vecchio started the creation of Costa Smeralda, with the idea of creating a paradise for international elite tourism.

The New Marina, on the other hand, was designed in the 1980s to create a more spacious and well-equipped port, making it one of the best equipped in the Mediterranean today. With a maximum capacity of 700 mooring berths, and home to the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - a prestigious club that organizes international sailing regattas - you can admire yachts, panfili, and the most beautiful boats in the world simply by strolling along its quays.

Cala di Volpe

A small inlet, a natural harbor, famous for the luxury hotel of the same name designed by architect Couelle, which during the summer season becomes "home" to mega-yachts moored opposite. Nature is the protagonist of this area: a protected gulf, green and flowery, rich in Mediterranean scents and seductive charm.

Cala di Volpe is synonymous with architectural and artistic prestige: names of international high society have been and still are guests among the hedges and hidden villas.

Baia Sardinia

A famous seaside resort located on the northern tip of Costa Smeralda. Its architecture is inspired by the nearby Porto Cervo, but smaller in size. Some of the most popular nightclubs are located in this area, along with the famous water park.


A seaside resort, thanks to its proximity to Costa Smeralda, Cannigione was founded in the early 1900s as a fishing village.

Its promenade is occupied by the quays of a modern, large port. Next to it is a beach of light-colored, coarse-grained sand that plunges into a sea of infinite shades of blue. The seabed slopes gently and is very popular with divers and snorkelers, so much so that it has become one of Sardinia's diving centers par excellences.

La Conia beach is located in this area: a beach with fine white sand, dominated by a well-equipped pine forest and a well-kept green lawn.

Poltu Quatu

From the Gallurese word for 'hidden place', Poltu Quatu rises in a characteristic inlet hidden by dense vegetation that runs along this natural fjord. Home to a pretty marina, during the summer it becomes an active center, especially in the evenings thanks to the discos in the area.


Romazzino is one of the most famous areas of Costa Smeralda, home to the most prestigious and refined villas, as well as one of the most elegant hotels on the coast, with a fine sandy beach and crystal-clear blue-green sea as a natural backdrop. The color and clarity of this sea are due to the particular sand and granite seabed.

La Celvia

This is an exclusive location with the graceful colors of the blue sea, the pinkish color of the granite rocks, and the green of the Mediterranean maquis that surrounds the beautiful villas in this area. As well as being one of the most popular beaches for VIPs, it is the ideal place for those who love scuba diving.

Pevero Golf

Designed by architect Robert Tret Jones in 1967, Pevero Golf Club Costa Smeralda is an 18-hole, 72-par course surrounded by vegetation and considered one of the best golf courses in the world. Around the clubhouse and the golf course are marvelous villas with breathtaking views over the bay of Cala di Volpe.

Piccolo and Grande Pevero

Rich in tourist settlements typical of Costa Smeralda, Piccolo Pevero beach is characterized by parts of shallow, sloping seabed, making it easy for children to play. A popular destination for VIPs and paparazzi, it is a bay immersed in nature: the gardens of dream villas, Mediterranean maquis, and a golf green that slopes down to the sea. In a picturesque crescent-shaped bay lies one of the most glamorous and exclusive beaches in the world: Grande Pevero is an arched expanse of soft, white sand, almost impalpable, lapped by the changing colors of the sea, whose shades vary, in a play of colors, from green to blue and then, thanks to its extraordinary clarity, become transparent on the shoreline.


Situated on the slopes of the hill behind Porto Cervo, Pantogia, an oasis of tranquility not far from the beaches, enjoys a wide panorama from the Marina of Porto Cervo to the island of Tavolara.

Liscia di Vacca

Founded in historical times around the small church dedicated to the Holy Virgin of Bonaria, Liscia di Vacca is a small village that has always been inhabited and is known as one of the most historical places on Costa Smeralda. Thanks to the work of the architect Savin Couelle, the new village was born: elegant but respecting the typical Gallura style, beautiful villas surrounded by vegetation have been developed.

Cala Granu

A wonderful bay set among wild nature and rocks sculpted by time and wind.

The beach has fine white sand and is characterized by a shallow sandy seabed in front of it. It is sheltered from the wind and easily accessible, ideal for families and those who love peace and quiet.

Cala del Faro

An exclusive spot just a short distance from the center and the Marina of Porto Cervo, a bay surrounded by nature, the green of the gardens leading down to the two beaches, framed by an emerald green sea.


Renowned for its exclusive Marina that hosts majestic yachts from all over the world every summer, luxury residences, and villas dot the area surrounding the beach. The beach offers a landscape of great beauty, with striking color effects, fine white sand, surrounded by pink granite rocks.

Porto Rotondo

Exclusive clubs, social life, fabulous beaches: a dream location, one of the most important realities of national and international tourism, the diamond point, together with Porto Cervo, of Gallura.

Porto Rotondo was founded in 1964 on the initiative of the Venetians Luigi and Nicolò Donà Delle Rose and extends between the gulf of Cugnana and Marinella. The heart of the area is its well-equipped port, which can accommodate up to 800 boats. Over the years it has seen the construction of timeshares, residences, and villas in the area, which has led Porto Rotondo to become, during the summer period, one of the most important realities of Sardinian, Italian and international tourism. The architecture of Porto Rotondo is reminiscent of Venice, and it is no coincidence that the main square has been named Piazzetta San Marco. Among the best-known beaches are Spiaggia Ira (in honor of Ira von Füstenberg), Spiaggia dei Sassi and Punta Volpe.


Olbia is the gateway to north-eastern Sardinia: you will be welcomed by an ancient and flourishing city, a popular holiday destination overlooking a gulf with infinite attractions.

The town overlooks a spectacular gulf, which safeguards the Tavolara Protected Marine Area and gives access to the exclusive Costa Smeralda. To the sea and archaeology, you can add the delights of the palate, don't miss the taste of Olbia's mussels, washed down with Vermentino wine.

Porto Istana

The bay of Porto Istana lies at the foot of Capo Ceraso, a granite promontory in the hamlet of Murta Maria in the Gulf of Olbia, from which it is about a 20-minute drive. The bay is a set of 4 beaches separated by small rocky strips. All four beaches are characterized by a bottom of fine white sand, gently sloping down to the emerald colors of the sea, therefore particularly suitable for children. There are hotels, holiday villages, restaurants, and bars all around.

Porto Taverna

Famous for the beautiful view of Tavolara Island, a breathtaking panorama that forms the backdrop to one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Sardinia.

Porto Taverna beach is located in the municipality of the renowned tourist destination Porto San Paolo and is 10 minutes from San Teodoro and 15 minutes from Olbia. It is 1 km long and is characterized by fine white sand, a shallow, sloping seabed, and crystal-clear water.


On the immense and fascinating coast of Olbia, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, squeezed between Costa Smeralda and the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara, there is the beautiful beach that is the symbol of the town.

It is Olbia's favorite beach, about 8 km from the town center, on the road to Golfo Aranci. It is a splendid, wide crescent of very fine, white sand alternating with stretches of small shells. The playa is the first and busiest beach of Lido di Pittulongu. Next to it is the Squalo beach, separated by a small rocky tongue. Further on you will find the Pellicano beach, but much smaller with small outcropping rocks. Further on, still, on foot, you'll reach Mare e Rocce, with a fine, pale sandy bottom. Further to the north, at the border, is Bados, a vast sandy beach with soft, ochre-grey sand.

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is a small municipality a few kilometers north of Olbia that has been able to adapt over the years to the demands of tourism, becoming one of the most popular destinations on the North East coast. A former fishing village, the center still retains the charm of ancient times with its small, colorful houses.

The town stretches over a tongue of land in the middle of the sea, overlooking the Gulf of Olbia, ending at the base of Capo Figari. Excursions by sea and overland trails lead to spectacular inlets with sandy paradises alternating with sheer cliffs overlooking crystal-clear turquoise waters. There are over twenty beaches, some wild, others comfortable and equipped, such as the Five Beaches of Golfo Aranci, small paradises of fine white sand overlooking the town, one after the other. Towards Olbia you will find the Spiaggia Bianca, fine sand alternating with rocks, the beautiful beach of Cala Sassari, the enchanting expanse of Nodu Pianu, separated by a small path from the wild beauty of Cala Banana, the corner of paradise of Baia Caddinas, the fine sandy coves of Terrata, the small beaches of Baia de Bahas and the beach of Baracconi (shepherds' and fishermen's huts).

Around Capo Figari, there is the beach of Cala Moresca, the protected reserve of Cala Greca, a pink pebble beach hidden by a cliff, the delightful Cala del Sonno, where fishermen take refuge, and Cala Sabina, a sandy beach with Caribbean features that can be reached by railway that runs along the promontory.

Puntaldia and Lu Impostu

Puntaldia is a residential complex perfectly integrated with the environment, with a marina, a small square, and all services.

The cove of Puntaldia opens up in front of the imposing profile of Tavolara with a seabed of fine sand with brilliant reflections, shallow and transparent waters, and rocks polished by the wind. Puntaldia, whose name - lookout or guard point - reveals the strategic importance of the location, is the northern end of La Cinta and represents the continuation of San Teodoro's symbolic beach.

Puntaldia is a destination for water sports enthusiasts, scuba divers, and golfers. The beach is located in the area to the south of the modern Marina di Puntaldia around the high-end hotels, holiday villages, luxury villas, and golf courses. In addition to the marina, the residential area has a small square with restaurants, bars, shops, and clubs where you can enjoy the summer nightlife. Houses, residences, and other accommodation are perfectly in tune with the Mediterranean greenery, the white sand, and the turquoise sea.

Puntaldia Golf Club has 9 precision holes for a course that is enchanting from every point of view. The course opens onto a green that is completely immersed in a true natural paradise that winds its way along the eastern coast of Sardinia, where meetings and challenges overlook evocative and unique scenarios between the turquoise sea and the blue sky, between small inlets and delightful bays.

The beautiful coastline of Lu Impostu is the northern limit. Here you will find small bays with rocks embellished by Mediterranean maquis. A jewel of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, an unspoiled paradise protected by Tavolara Protected Marine Area, a 1 km long beach of fine, white sand dunes, dotted with junipers, mimosas, thistles, and sea lilies. The southern boundary of Lu Impostu Capo Capicciolu, beyond which lies the other wonder of San Teodoro: Cala Brandinchi - also called 'little Tahiti' because it is reminiscent of Polynesian beaches.

Capo Coda Cavallo

Capo Coda Cavallo is a strip of granite land that extends into a stretch of sea sheltered by the imposing mass of Tavolara, the smooth rocks of Molara, and the picturesque islet of Proratora. 

One of the most evocative coastal scenes in the Mediterranean will appear white sandy beaches, coves, islets, lagoons, and infinite shades of color. Whatever the wind, you will find a location with a calm sea. And underwater, another world to discover: the Tavolara Protected Marine Area and Capo Coda Cavallo are ideal for diving.

The peninsula is characterized by sandy inlets and cliffs covered by Mediterranean scrub with intense Mediterranean scents. Coda Cavallo beach has a particular shape that gives the promontory its name: the stretch of water in front is so sheltered that it looks like a calm, clear lagoon.

At Capo Coda Cavallo you will find four beautiful beaches and a panoramic viewpoint where you can admire the landscape. Here you will be able to visit four beaches and the small square of the Punta Est village, a breathtaking view overlooking the sea, and the beautiful islands of Tavolara, Molara, and Molarotto.

The first beach is Salina Bamba. Its name comes from the lagoon behind it where salt was once extracted. On the white sandy beach, you will find a kiosk bar with all facilities. A dirt path through the Mediterranean vegetation leads to the beach of Baia Salinedda, a little further away, which overlooks Isola Ruja.

Cala Suaraccia: this beach is usually sheltered from the winds and has Mediterranean vegetation in the background to protect it. The characteristic of this beach is a small jetty from which excursions to visit the Protected Marine Area depart. This beach is commonly called "Spiaggia delle Farfalle" (Butterfly Beach) because it is located near one of the oldest tourist complexes in San Teodoro, called Villaggio Le Farfalle.

The beach of Capo Coda Cavallo, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, is also known as Punta Est. You can go to this beach on windy days, such as Ostro or Scirocco, and you will feel sheltered. The village square - reachable by car or via the steps near the beach - dominates the entire bay with a postcard view. In this beautiful panoramic setting, you will find bars, shops, and a restaurant.

Punta Molara

This is one of the most popular areas of San Teodoro. The horizon is almost entirely occupied by the imposing silhouette of the island of Tavolara and the low, regular profile of the island of Molara. Punta Molara is located in Monte Petrosu, in the municipality of San Teodoro. The beach consists of small sandy stretches alternating with cliffs. Facing the island of Molara, the small sandy cove opens up to a panorama of great beauty.

Porto Rafael

Porto Rafael is a charming tourist settlement located just in front of La Maddalena Archipelago, at the extreme northern tip of the island, a few kilometers from Palau and Porto Cervo, the heart of Costa Smeralda. Founded in the 1960s by the Spanish Count Rafael Neville de Berlanga del Duero, the village is characterized by a small square directly overlooking Cala Inglese, also known as 'the pool of Porto Rafael', and by white houses surrounded by colorful gardens. It is a popular summer holiday destination for sophisticated international elite tourism and is also suitable for families and lovers of relaxation and social life. The center is equipped with all amenities and is the summer venue for renowned international sailing events.

The small marina of Porto Rafael is an ideal landing place for small and large boats as well as a starting point for excursions to the enchanting islands of the archipelago. Just a stone's throw from the village, the coastline is dotted with small beaches of pinkish sand and striking granite rocks that form authentic natural pools.