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Three reasons to spend the Easter holidays in Costa Smeralda!

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Why spend your Easter holiday in Sardinia and Costa Smeralda?  

To fully live the nature in all its colors and in total freedom!

The soothing sound of the waves caressing the sandy beaches while admiring a romantic sunset: this is what it means to spend your holiday in Costa Smeralda.

Reasons why come to Sardinia at Easter:

Numerous, but there's one above all. Experiencing the silence interrupted only by the sound of thewind rustling through juniper trees. To breathe deeply and taste the silence, it's a uniquely uplifting experience.This doesn't mean that Porto Cervo during this time it's empty or boring: luxury boutiques open for the new season, the yachts moored at Porto Vecchio and the Marina lighten up the starry night and Olbia and Porto Rotondo are getting ready for an agenda full of events in May.

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Easter in Costa Smeralda: 3 travel tips

You still have time to book a trip toSardinia. With a last -minute ticket you'll live Costa Smeralda as you have never seen it before, discovering a new land, tasting newflavors and exploring unspoiled landscapes thanks to the absolute respect of nature in all its essence.

Here is three travel ideas for your vacation...

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1 - Easter in Sardinia means tradition

Did you know that Easter is one of the most religious celebration of our island? From North to South Sardinia ancient tradition and local customs melt together giving life to rites, processions,and touching chants showing its deeply rural roots. In Porto Rotondo there will be "Pasqua in Musica" a celebration of the Holy Mass with the participation of Sos Astores choir of Golfo Aranci.

2 - Easter Monday outdoor excursions: a full immersion in nature

A day trip to the most beautiful locations in the area, a round of golf at the Pevero Golf Club, boat excursions and hiking, or try some typical Sardinian dishes at the farmhouses: it's plenty of activities that will make your daymemorable!

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3 - Admiring the beginning of the Summer season in complete relaxation

Few tourists around, empty beaches, warmand calm waters ideal for for the bravest swimmers and the first sunbathing.

The most beautiful locations? The exclusive Puntaldia Marina, Porto Cervo and its breathtaking bays as: Piccolo and Grande Pevero, Romazzino, La Celvia... You'll be spoilt for choice!

Romantic, relaxing or adventurous ... get ready for your perfect vacation in Costa Smeralda! 

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