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Buying a house in Treviso: mistakes to avoid

Not paying attention to some important aspects in the purchase phase of a house can worsen the conditions of purchase, or affect the negotiation. Here's what to avoid.

The purchase of a home, be it a first home, a second home, or an investment property, is an important and delicate step. Even for those who want to  buy a house in Treviso, as in other places, it is good to pay attention to some often little known but very important details. Neglecting these aspects can cost very dearly, and in some cases can affect the purchase. Here are some examples of mistakes to avoid when buying a house.


The costs to be considered for those who want to buy houses for sale in Treviso are not limited to the price of the ad. To this must be added taxes, the cost of the notary and any renovation works, and other ancillary costs. In making the budget for the purchase of the house, therefore, it is necessary to add to the sale price a figure that can also be considerable. Some estimates indicate this figure on average around 10% more than the price of the property.


If to buy a house in Treviso means the first house, or the house in which you will live, the concessions mainly concern the registration tax, which is reduced to 2% of the value of the property. Then there are some fixed taxes of a generally lower value, such as the fixed mortgage tax  of 50 euros and the fixed cadastral tax of 50 euros. Be careful though. If you buy the house from a company subject to VAT, you must pay 4% VAT on the value of the house, to which are added the fixed registration tax of 200 euros, the fixed mortgage tax of 200 euros and the fixed cadastral tax of 200 euros. If, on the other hand, the house that is purchased is a second home, the registration tax rises to 9%, and if the latter is sold by a company subject to the VAT regime, it goes to 10%. The figures can therefore be very different.


It may seem trivial, but the advice of the notary is essential for those who buy a house. Contacting him already in the very early stages of the evaluation can be useful to avoid annoying waste of time or, worse, bad surprises in the document verification phase. One of the fundamental phases in the purchase of a house is the verification of the conformity of a property, regarding ownership and cadastral regulations. But even in the phase of closing important contracts such as the preliminary sale it is good to have an opinion from the notary.


Buying a house in Treviso can lead to the taking out of a mortgage with a bank. It is always preferable, where possible, to buy without taking out a mortgage. However, the advice is to have an assessment done by several banking institutions to get a complete overview and choose the most convenient option. Also in this case it is good to ask, in addition to the general amount for the purchase of the house, all the accessory costs that risk raising the budget, such as the costs of appraisal and preliminary investigation. The mortgage entails a separate notarial deed with respect to the sale, which also has a cost.


Negotiation is a crucial part of buying a home. Not having clear ideas about your goals and not facing it in the right way can make the purchase fade or not allow you to pay the right price. In this, the advice of professionals who know how to guide the buyer is essential. To give some examples, making too low proposals, or accepting the first proposal in a hurry can, in opposite ways, end up damaging the buyer.
If you are about to buy a house, but you still have several doubts about the choice of property and the steps to take to reach the destination, contact Engel & Völkers.

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