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Homes to renovate in Treviso: Engel & Völkers tells us why they are a real bargain

If you are interested in apartments for sale in Treviso, why not choose one to be customized? Here's what Francesco Grandesso, office manager of E&V thinks

When it comes to buying a new home, many are intrigued by the possibility of buying a property to renovate according to your needs and taste. Francesco Grandesso, office manager of Engel & Voelkers, has more than twenty years of experience as a real estate agent in the Treviso area and we asked him to tell us why choosing houses to renovate in Treviso can be a real deal.

What makes Treviso particularly interesting and attractive, for those who dream of a house to renovate?

Period buildings in the historic center, elegant villas in the exclusive Fuori Mura areas or splendid country residences a few kilometers from the city are just some of the opportunities when it comes to houses to renovate in Treviso.

Often these properties boast precious and refined details which, once restored, give even more value to the house. The period houses also offer features that are difficult to find in new homes for sale in Treviso. The homes of our grandparents, so to speak, had many rooms, long corridors and often additional compartments such as closets and utility rooms: all spaces that can be rethought and reinterpreted to one's taste.

Who are the typical buyers most interested in homes to renovate in Treviso?

When it comes to apartments for sale in Treviso and, in particular, houses to be restored, we are talking above all about 3 categories: families with needs articulated in terms of space and functionality, couples with the perspective of a family, professionals, entrepreneurs or individuals who see the renovated property as an investment opportunity. For each of these categories the needs can be very different and it is important to be able to count on a consultant who has solid skills.

How much can the current tax breaks help for those who choose a restructuring?

In this difficult 2020, we can at least count on a very interesting Home Bonus: introduced by the Relaunch Decree in May and became law in July 2020, the bonus allows the deduction of up to 110% on a wide range of works related to thermal and energy requalification. and seismic, which opens the way to many types of possible interventions.

Furthermore, for many other types of intervention, the deduction still exists, even if it is set at 50%. The moment, therefore, is particularly favorable for the houses to be restored in Treviso.

How much can you expect to spend when it comes to home renovation in Treviso?

Providing a cost estimate, given the amount of variables, is quite difficult. It must be considered, in fact, that the costs vary according to the type and quantity of work, or the choices in terms of finishes and equipment, but also based on the location of the property and its historical value. In principle, we can say that for houses to be restored in Treviso, with dimensions greater than 100 square meters, the turnkey work starts at around 35,000 / 40,000 euros. One thing to always keep in mind, in any case, is that the financial commitment is totally rewarded, and indeed exceeded, by the satisfaction of a home customized according to one's wishes.

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What are the houses to renovate in Treviso recommended by Engel & Voelkers?

At the moment we have a historic building in the center of Treviso within which we offer a portion of about 200 square meters on three levels, with a large terrace. The customization possibilities are interesting and the location, a stone's throw from Piazza Duomo, is truly enviable.

For those who dream of the countryside there is a splendid 16th century villa200 square meters on two floors and a huge 8,000 square meter park. An oasis of quiet, just 10 minutes from the city center. The most interesting features of this proposal are the splendid frescoed porch at the entrance and the small but charming annexe, excellent for guests.

The Fuori Mura area is one of the most sought after in Treviso for those who want tranquility without sacrificing proximity to the center: here, in Porta Santi Quaranta, we offer a prestigious villa from the early 1900s of 400 square meters: three floors plus attic, the building has some very special details, such as the dining room with coffered ceiling.

Finally, an earth-sky in the heart of Treviso of 235 square meters with splendid exposed beams and a terrace with a 360 ° view of the city, with many opportunities for customization in the structure and finishes.

Before saying goodbye: what can our readers who are interested in your real estate proposals do?

Our Treviso real estate agency is ready to welcome you and accompany you in all the steps of the journey: from evaluation to planning, including advice on bonuses and tax breaks. Just come and visit us in Vale Fratelli Cairoli, 123, from Monday to Friday (9am / 1pm - 2pm / 6pm), Saturday (9am - 1pm) and Sunday by appointment.

We are waiting for you.

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