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5 tips for a perfect garden

Houses for sale in Treviso with garden: the perfect outdoor space exists, from the turf to the arrangement of plants, from the swimming pool to the choice of furnishings

The houses for sale in Treviso with gardens are always the most sought after on the real estate market. Even more so in 2020, when we all appreciated the value of a home outdoor space. However, having an outdoor space is not enough. What makes the difference is its architecture and management. Here are 5 tips for a perfect garden in Treviso.

Before diving into the reading, however, we advise you to undertake a virtual excursus between the houses for sale Treviso and the province that Engel & Völkers has in store for you.


There is no beautiful garden without a perfect lawn, freshly cut, with a beautiful bright green. The management of an English lawn requires care and competence, right from the sowing.

Relying on a good gardener means being certain that he will be able to identify the right mix for sowing, in relation to position and shade. If agrostis stolonifera is the queen of English meadows, adding more rustic species to sowing - such as lolium italicum, lolium perenne, poa pratensis, poa annua, festuca rubra, fescue ovina, fescue arundinacea, agrostis tenuis - will help in future management .

In the spring and summer period it will be necessary to cut the grass frequently but also to water it, so as not to have to endure the sight of an early yellowed lawn.


As for the interiors, the exteriors also need a good architect, who will be able to enhance each square meter available, perhaps creating different corners within the same garden.

Among the 2020 trends there is certainly that of the tropical garden. That is, an exotic corner that can be rebuilt with plants, flowers, but also stones and furnishings. Maybe around an outdoor pond or swimming pool.

La nostra selezione di case con giardino e piscina

The vertical garden remains a must, which can be the greenest way to hide a wall or a small shed. And again, space with aromatic herbs, rich in perfumes, and also precious in the kitchen: a corner dedicated to them will be a joy not only for the eyes.


The swimming pool is the element that more than any other contributes to making an outdoor space unique and tempting. Place of relaxation and fun in the summer, it can be built can be built externally or underground. In the first case, installation is faster and more immediate, but certainly, if you have adequate space, the in-ground swimming pool is unrivaled in terms of beauty and exclusivity. In its design, you can indulge yourself by choosing between different shapes and sizes, and a whole series of options that will make it unique.Take a look at these villas with swimming pool in Treviso and take a cue.


Were you able to find the house of your dreams among our Treviso apartments for sale? After taking care of the interior furnishings, do not forget about the furnishings in the garden. Chairs, tables, chaise longs, curtains: everything contributes to the pleasantness of the spaces. Everyone can indulge in different shapes and materials. Our advice is to always favor warm and natural materials. Like wood, for example, which, when properly treated, is well resistant to bad weather.
Also pay attention to the colors of the fabrics: why not use a nice Classic Blue, pantone of the year? In the perfect garden you can never miss a hammock, to feel on vacation 365 days a year. And not even a small bar space, to prepare a good aperitif for themselves and guests in just a few minutes.

Last tip: good wireless bluetooh speakers, to have your own music as often as you want.


The garden is mainly lived in the daytime, but good lighting makes it special even in the evening. It is not only a matter of atmospheres, but also of safety. As for the house, the light outside should also be used to highlight the strong points of the garden.

In fact, targeted lighting can enhance the swimming pool, a particular corner, the patio overlooking the lawn. If the headlights oriented from top to bottom are more effective from a technical point of view, the most attractive plays of light are certainly those that start from the pavement (or from the lawn) or seeds hidden among the plants.

For the patio, however, the advice to multiply the lighting points: perhaps with a beautiful chain of decorative lights, which will make your garden truly romantic.

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