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5 Ideas for decorating a bedroom

Do you want to renovate your home? Take note of these 5 ideas for decorating the bedroom in an original way

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house: it is the place for rest and where dreams come to life. For this reason, everything should be thought out and designed to promote a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, but always without losing sight of good taste and style.

In fact, year after year, new furnishing trends and changing housing needs become an inexhaustible source of inspiration to give a personal touch to the sleeping area.

If you are looking for original ideas, take note of these 5 bedroom decorating ideas, with the advice of the experts Engel & Volkers Venezia.


One of the 2021 furnishing trends sees a decisive orientation towards luxury and the atmospheres of other times. This has led to the spread of contemporary decor solutions that focus on furniture and accessories with a retro flavor, but also on the use of pieces with a distinctly old-fashioned and pompous appearance.

An example for the sleeping area? A sumptuous canopy bed, able to give a unique imprint to the environment, becoming its undisputed protagonist. The impact is absolutely scenographic, even if you opt for those structures with clean and essential lines, able to adapt with versatility to any bedroom furnishing style.


Urban jungle style
is one of the most interesting bedroom decorating ideas of the season. This trend has all the air of a revival of a fashion trend in vogue in the 70s, an expression of a newfound love for nature and the desire to reconcile with it.

The inspiration comes from the most exotic and tropical destinations, perfect for letting yourself be projected towards dream places and wonderful beaches. Furnishing the bedroom in urban jungle style is a very bold choice, where bright colors predominate, with a predominance of green in all its shades, bright prints and natural wood elements with simple lines to balance them.

Green light for wallpapers with palm trees, cacti, leaves and other floral motifs, as well as matching furnishing fabrics for bedspreads, colored cushions, curtains and upholstery. Just be careful not to overdo it: from chic to kitsch is an instant.


Inside the sleeping area, the bed is undoubtedly the main piece of furniture, the most important element from a practical point of view, but the choice of which can determine the style of the entire room. One of the tips for furnishing the bedroom is to opt for a structure that has a headboard that is beautiful to look at and capable of imparting a decisive and unambiguous touch.

An example? Buy a bed frame with a headboard in precious or finely decorated fabric, or alternatively, with a headboard in processed wood and in precious woods. Also very popular are the headboards designed for functionality, which integrate technological devices or bookshelves, capable of transforming the bed into the focal element of the room.


Always remaining in the name of simplicity, a very popular trend when it comes to how to furnish the bedroom in an original way is monochrome. This trend aims to make color a piece of furniture in all respects, leaving the task of enhancing furniture and accessories, as well as determining the atmosphere of the room.

The secret is to choose a main color, then having fun playing with all its chromatic variations and shades in tone on tone. What are the most suitable colors for the Venetian bedroom? The neutral palettes are perfect, giving the environment a dreamlike and ethereal feel, but also relaxing colors such as light blue and blue. An elegant choice with a sure aesthetic result.


In some contexts as never before, the golden rule of less is more takes on great importance. And this is precisely the case of the night environment, which should represent the area intended for sleep. In the last year, interior design experts have suggested decluttering among the ideas for decorating the bedroom.

Literally, the term means "making room" and getting rid of the superfluous in order to reduce chaos and disorder, to regain balance and serenity, as well as to have a house with an always neat appearance. Therefore, decluttering in the sleeping area translates into furnishing choices that are increasingly oriented towards simplicity, favoring a few elements that are truly useful and suitable for keeping everything in order and making the space more usable and comfortable: well-organized walk-in wardrobes and smart wardrobes are among the highlights not to be missed.

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