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The thousand Venice in the world

The city that everyone envies us can boast numerous attempts at "imitation": from the submerged one to that of the East, let's find out how many Venice are in the world

There are no doubts: Venice is a city with a very special charm, with the magic of its canals and the enchantment of the lagoon that exerts its irresistible appeal from every calle and campo. In the four corners of the earth, there are many other cities competing for the title of Venice in the world.

And we are not just talking about the 97 cities with the name "Venice" spread over the various continents, but about many places that, due to their characteristics, are reminiscent of the Serenissima and claim the name.

Let's find out together some of the most beautiful and characteristic cities according to the experts of the agency Engel & Volkers Venice.


A few steps from Italy you can find what is called the Venice of the Alps or French Venice. This is Annecy, a small pearl nestled between the Alpine peaks in the Haute-Savoie department, in the Rhône – Alpes region.

What is striking about this town with a typically medieval flavor is its fortunate position, near the shores of the lake of the same name and along the banks of the Thiou river, which has allowed it to develop as a city on the water, with picturesque buildings overlooking the channels.

- annecy.jpg


Remaining in Europe, one of the most disputed titles is that of Venice of the North. Some cities that are characterized by the presence of bridges, islands and canals, first of all Amsterdam and Copenhagen, are claiming this title.

Also competing for the scepter is the Polish town of Wroclaw. The most accredited? The city of Bruges in Belgium, a UNESCO World Heritage site that fascinates visitors with the fairytale charm of its historic buildings and the truly romantic atmosphere that reigns in every corner.

- bruges.jpg


Moving from Europe to the far east of the planet, it is possible to visit another Venice in the world. We are talking about Udaipur, in India, a truly enchanting city of water and rich in history.

Known as the City of Lakes, it stands on 6 lake basins, connected to each other by bridges and canals surrounded by majestic white marble buildings. What makes it so impressive? Its seem like a city suspended over the water. To contend for the title of Venice of the East is only the Chinese town of Suzhou, along the banks of the Blue River, equally magical and picturesque.

- udaipur.jpg


Even on the American continent there are "double cities" for Venice, just like  Recife, south of the Equator. The Venice of Brazil fascinates not only because it is surrounded by rivers and dotted with islands framed by the green of the mangroves, but also for its local beauties and typically colonial-style buildings. It is one of the most popular destinations for local tourism, where tourists can savor the real carioca soul.

- recife.jpg


It's difficult to imagine, but there is also a Venice submerged in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in the world. Its real name is Nan Madol, located east of the island of Pohnpei, in the archipelago of Micronesia, built on none other than the coral reef.

History, myth and legend are lost in the abandoned ruins of this ancient and mysterious city which is said to be inhabited only by ghosts and a favorite destination for archaeologists.

- nan-madol.jpg


To complete this little journey to discover Venice in the world, we have to mention what are defined as fake Venice,  artificial reproductions of our beloved lagoon city.

There are at least 5 copies of Venice in the world that boast real attempts to imitate the original. We are talking about the famous The Venice in Las Vegas, a casino resort that reproduces the main attractions of Venice, as well as the Venice Water Town which is located near Hanghzou, in China, or the Italian Pavillon at Disneyworld.

- the-venice.jpg

With their reproductions of the Campanile in Piazza San Marco or the Rialto Bridge, these "fake Venice" try to give visitors the charm of a walk in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Why settle for a copy? Consult your Engel & Volkers agency to find the most beautiful houses for sale in venice.

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