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How to furnish a loft: useful tips

Original ideas, solutions for open space, mezzanines: here is our mini guide to indulge yourself with taste

Did we buy a house  in Venice, obtained from a noble floor and perhaps consisting of a single room? Very well, because we are in the ideal situation, with high ceilings and large windows, even in a small square.

The question we will have to ask ourselves, in this case, will therefore be: how to furnish a loft of 40 square meters or 50 square meters making it comfortable but without sacrificing its beauty and brightness? First of all, we must focus on multifunctional furniture, such as container beds and folding tables. Verticality will be enhanced by column bookcases where we can place our favorite books or records if we are real music addicts.

Then of course there is the mezzanine option, very useful for placing a bedroom or a small study. There are two advantages: the feeling of having a warm and welcoming nest and the possibility of enjoying our beautiful ceiling up close (and in Venice there are beautiful ones).


When discussing how to furnish a loft, nothing should be taken for granted. So better repeat the universal rule: never completely delete the original destination. If our loft is obtained from an ancient building, for example, we will have trabeature or even just some valuable details to bring out.

If, on the other hand, we are in a former naval warehouse, among the houses for sale in venice there are also these opportunities, let's not forget to recall it in the renovation project. The beautiful lofts obtained from an industrial structure on the Giudecca island where the architect has been able to enhance the spaces and materials that have distinguished them from the beginning are the school. Resuming this industrial history even inside with some details - think for example of bookcases and shelves that evoke raw wood or vintage iron stoves - can become the winning idea.

Would you like to browse some other examples of lofts in venice? Consult our proposals here.


There are two elements to always keep in mind in every renovation project, but when we think about how to furnish a loft they become the fixed points from which to start. We open the door of our apartment in Venice and imagine it with light woods, on the ceiling as well as on the floor, flooded with natural light.

We will discover that the combination with the reflections of the sun on the sea is perfect. So let's try to chase this style, enhancing the natural light to the maximum. Only where this does not reach, in the most hidden points or in need of greater lighting, such as the kitchen, can we rely on appliques and spotlights. And if the mood of the apartment is industrial and modern, we can indulge ourselves with suspended lamps. They exist of every shape and color.

But be careful: let's not forget the tents. At certain times of the day, especially when the temperature rises, it might be useful to get a shady corner, even just to rest. And the colors? As neutral and clear as possible, to give a sense of greater breadth. Do you like darker tones? Choose small spaces where to place them, such as a niche or a well-defined portion of the wall. The contrast could create the wow effect.


Do we have a lot of space to use? We focus on the living room: island kitchens, cocktail counters and large sofas where we can sit with friends. They serve to divide the rooms and create atmosphere. We use glass walls to create more private areas for writing, reading, composing. We use the height for some suspended furniture, which divides the environment and immediately strikes the gaze of visitors. The beauty of the loft is also this: to leave open spaces not only in the home but also and above all to the imagination.

Ready to put these ideas into practice? Contact our experts from the Engel & Volkers agency to visit the houses for sale in the historic center of Venice that best match your ideal loft. We commit ourselves to research, Venice the air, the atmosphere, the panorama. And the magic.

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