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The tales of Venice in these famous bridges

Buying a house in Castello district: the experience of living the city in a hundred bridges

Venice is the capital of bridges: there are over four hundred of them, which increase considerably if we also consider private ones. Four hundred unique looks on the canals that those who buy a venice house can experience every day. Lovers of this architectural element, then, will have to attend the Castello district which, with its eighty-two public bridges and at least twenty private bridges, is the richest area of ​​the city.

Another peculiarity of the Venetian bridges is in the name attributed to each of them. And as is usual in the town's toponymy, stories, legends and tales follow one another at every step. Here is our selection of bridges with the most curious names in the district.

It is part of the seven "crooked" bridges present throughout Venice. It is called this because connecting two calluses that are not perfectly aligned, it had to be oblique to the canal.


One of the most famous in the city and in the world. it is private and connects the Doge's Palace to the prisons. The sighs were those that let go of the unfortunate defendants brought before the judge.

In 1409 Gasparo di Mani donated a house here to make it a hospice for pilgrims who went to Jerusalem to visit the Holy Sepulcher. The name, however, does not derive from here, but from the church that was built in this same place and that reproduced, in small size, the original Holy Sepulcher.

It was originally born as a drawbridge connecting the Arsenale, located near the chapel of the Madonna. Hence the name. But the Arsenale can boast two other biblical bridges: of Purgatory and Hell.

A short distance from this splendid bridge we find one of the most beautiful houses for sale in venice italy in our catalog. Let's talk about the Residenza Ruga Giuffa.

No reference to churches or calli, this time, but to what the eye can catch by climbing the steps, that is, the equestrian statue of the great leader Bartolomeo Colleoni.

On this stone bridge the factions of the different patrician families of the city gave it with good reason, staging battles with canes, sticks and punches.

- DSC_0639.jpg


Beautiful, right? Now try to imagine being able to admire it every morning from one of the windows of this recently restored property for sale in venice italy.

Malvasia was formerly considered so valuable that the sellers were placed in a different corporation than the other wine sellers. Their shops were largely concentrated in this area. But also one of our splendid properties still for sale: Ca 'Malvasia.

At one time, the term "scoazzera" identified square spaces surrounded by walls where garbage was collected, since the fifteenth century. The ancestors of modern ecological islands.

It connected an ancient hospital where, once the cases of leprosy were over, the poor and beggars gathered together until a hospital was built to help them.

We end our tour among the bridges of the castle with this name which still remains a dilemma. Some say it stems from the fact that it was once particularly steep. Others from the ancient lack of lighting. For all, however, it remains a mystery.

It is right in the vicinity of this bridge that this elegant property completely renovated.

The beauty of Venice is also this, being a city where luxury, beauty and mystery go hand in hand. Do you want to discover the luxury apartments for sale venice that directly overlook these magnificent bridges? We promise you that on every corner you will discover a new story. Or a new secret.

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