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Luxembourg City in the exclusive Engel & Völkers sales portrait

In cooperation with our real estate agents, you can implement your sales or purchase project in Luxembourg City professionally

According to the market analyzes of our real estate agents, the capital city of Luxembourg is one of the few European markets that have developed consistently positively in the past decades. Owners who are thinking of selling real estate benefit from the convenient location in the heart of Europe and from the demographic unique selling points that can be seen in a Europe-wide comparison. Once again voted one of the 20 most livable cities in the world by the consulting firm Mercer, Luxembourg's stable economic and political situation, constant urban development and economic progress and excellent infrastructure make the area one of the most sought-after international real estate locations. The status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site sets new impulses for the multicultural development of the country and has a positive influence on the growth of real estate transactions in the capital. The world-renowned real estate service of the Engel & Völkers brand focuses in Luxembourg on the most sought-after real estate locations that are suitable for the sale or purchase, but also for renting or leasing high-quality villas, family-friendly houses or stylish apartments in Luxembourg City.

Our exclusive sales area extends over the following locations:

In our district portraits, our experienced real estate agents from Engel & Völkers Luxembourg outline the most desirable residential areas in the state capital. They provide essential market details and information on the most sought-after residential areas in the city, which will give you a lucrative advantage when selling real estate. In addition, our sales portraits provide a comprehensive impression of life and living in the individual city districts. Questions such as: "Where is the area spatially located in Luxembourg City", "What infrastructural conditions does it offer" or "What leisure and cultural opportunities are offered after the property purchase" are answered in detail and make it easier for international buyer groups to make the purchase decision and choose the ideal real estate location.

Our real estate agents from Engel & Völkers Luxembourg will answer any further questions you may have about your real estate project in a personal conversation at our real estate office in Luxembourg City.

Beggen's historical development into a real estate location close to nature favors owners in house sales

Originally a small village in the municipality of Eich, the cornerstone for Beggen's excellent urban development was laid in the period of industrialization. Located on the northern edge of the capital, Beggen is one of the quietest and most family-friendly sales areas alongside communities such as Walferdange or Bereldange. Beautiful residential areas in the green along the Alzette awaken the buying interest of international property buyers. You can find out what infrastructural conditions and leisure options the real estate location Beggen has to offer in our neighborhood portrait put together by our expert real estate agents.

Innovative living in the banking and European district: Kirchberg in the context of real estate sales

In hardly any other part of the city are new impulses for architectural development as constant as in the Kirchberg business district. With the aim of creating a balance between the commercial and residential share of the district, the attractiveness for the purchase of high-quality apartments will increase in the long term. In addition to the construction of new residential units, the traffic routes in Kirchberg are also to be checked in order to sustainably improve the quality of life and living. In our portrait you can see other positive location factors that convince of real estate sales or purchases.

Cents - Relaxed feeling of life on the outskirts of the city

The sales area in the east of Luxembourg is one of the few districts that are mainly populated by Luxembourgers. Located along the historic Rue de Trêves, Cents describes quiet residential areas in the green. Combined with the proximity to the airport and the city center, owners benefit from the sale of their house or stylish condominium in a green setting. In collaboration with our competent real estate brokers, property seekers will find a wonderful home on the pulse of nature, which will sustainably improve the quality of life.

Buying an apartment in the midst of urbanity - welcome to the center of Luxembourg City

The Center district, which is the business center of the capital, has less than 4,000 inhabitants. Characterized by the Petrusse Valley, which connects the districts of Oberstadt and Unterstadt and separates the residential area from the Bahnhofsviertel, property seekers will find an urban residential location in a convenient location here. No other urban area offers such excellent infrastructural and cultural conditions as in the Center. They arouse the buying interest of international buyer groups and convince them of a long-term investment. Together with our expert real estate agents, you can find out what other features the Center district also has to offer in our district portrait.

The fantastic infrastructure in the Gare district increases interest in your retail property

Although the district is one of the smallest residential areas in terms of area, it still includes most of the capital's inhabitants. Due to its proximity to the main train station in Luxembourg, its high transport infrastructure and a large number of shops, restaurants and cafés, it is one of the liveliest residential areas. With the regular implementation of construction projects, new urban development impulses are set in the district of Gare, which increase the value of sales properties in the long term increase. You too can benefit from lucrative income from the implementation of your sales project in the Gare district in cooperation with our real estate agents at Engel & Völkers Luxembourg.

Exclusive feeling of living not far from the city center at the property location Belair

Located in the west of Luxembourg City and adjacent to the district of Oberstadt des Centers, Belair is one of the most attractive residential areas in the service area of ​​Engel & Völkers Luxembourg. The classic and familiar architectural style, the stable economic structure and the excellent social infrastructure evoke the interest of diverse buyer target groups for your home or apartment sale. But even if you are interested in buying a property, the information shared by our expert real estate agents in our Belair district portrait will give you an edge in knowledge that you can use for your fast and secure property purchase.

From the center of agriculture to the sought-after residential area: Limpertsberg in portrait with Engel & Völkers Luxemburg

Connected to the Kirchberg district by the Pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Limpertsberg is now one of the most urban and attractive residential areas in the Luxembourg sales area. Once a plateau used for agriculture, the agricultural area changed in the early 20th century to a coveted real estate location in a sublime location. His educational institution developments in particular still benefit families who are looking for a single-family home or a semi-detached house to buy in Luxembourg City. The "Lycée des Arts et Métiers" was one of the first schools in Limpertsberg to hold its own to this day and is now one of the capital's most renowned schools as the "Lycée de Garçons".

Smooth house sales in small town idyll Merl with our competent real estate agents

Friendly, close to nature and central - the Merl district has all the prerequisites for a successful property sale. Families in particular will find their real estate happiness here in a row house or an apartment building in the countryside and fulfill their dream of living in a postcard idyll. The numerous green spaces and parks do not only provide excellent leisure opportunities, they also leave room for individual real estate projects. Around 100 nationalities already benefit from the quiet and promising residential areas and the high quality of life not far from the city center - when will you fulfill your dream home in Merl?

From Bonnevoie-Nord to Bonnevoie-Süd: A variety of shopping opportunities await you on the outskirts of the capital

Whereas the district of Bonnevoie-Nord gained popularity in the 20th century with its selection of official and social housing, numerous urban planning concepts are still being implemented in the south of the district. Anyone who offers their house or apartment for sale here is profitably favored by the mix of historical and modern flair and a variety of property types. You can find out from our real estate agents in our district portrait which economic and cultural advantages the residential area has to offer and how you can use them sensibly for your property sales in Bonnevoie.

Engel & Völkers Luxemburg – Ihr Immobilienmakler in Gasperich 

Zwischen den südlichen Bezirken Hollerich und dem Gare-Viertel gelegen, steht das Wohnquartier Gasperich im Fokus von vielen Neubauten. Der Mix aus Gewerbe- und Wohnungsbau trägt zur urbanistischen Entwicklung im Süden der Stadt bei und wirkt sich positiv auf die Marktsituation aus. Als einer der führenden Bezirke und als Sitz zahlreicher Finanzunternehmen trifft Gasperich den Geschmack internationaler Immobilieninteressenten und zählt deshalb zu einer unserer Top-Verkaufslagen. Wenn auch Sie sich für den Immobilienverkauf in Gasperich und Umgebung interessieren, freuen sich unsere Immobilienmakler von Engel & Völkers Luxemburg darauf, Sie und Ihre exklusiven Immobilienwünsche kennenzulernen.

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