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Adapting your home for ageing in place

If there’s one thing that’s inescapable in life, it's ageing. But nowadays that needn't mean living any less well. We all deserve to live as comfortably as possible in a relaxing environment adapted for our needs and for those of our loved ones. You needn't compromise on the look and feel of your home either, and can continue living in an atmosphere you know and love. If you’d like to plan ahead to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible, there are few modifications you can make to prepare your home for the future.

- Ways to make ageing in place smoother and simpler, so you can keep enjoying your home:

The basics of ageing in place

While not every tip will chime with your lifestyle, personal taste or the architecture of your home, there is some form of helpful conversion to help keep anyone ageing at home. You may want to consider how you can eliminate stairs and convert to a one-level space. This includes considering whether selling and moving to a single-level home may be more appropriate in the long run. Certain flooring may be impractical and may need to be reconsidered for something less slippery, and doorways may need to be widened or have steps removed. Luckily, an architect can always help give you an idea of how to adapt your home while retaining your style.

Opening up the living space

Converting your living space to an open plan design can be really helpful for ageing in place. It not only gives you more, light, air and room to manoeuvre, but it makes navigating the space independently much easier. It has the benefit of turning key rooms in the home into much more communal spaces for the whole family too.

Upgrading the kitchen

Cooking for yourself and your family is another great joy you don’t want to lose when ageing in place. Modern technology means you can enjoy entertaining as long as possible, with easy-to-push buttons and easy-to-use interfaces on cooking appliances – creaky joints should never stop you whipping up something wonderful! A chest-height oven, rather than one that requires you to bend down, is another fabulous modernisation to consider when converting your kitchen.

Keeping the bathroom safe

The bathroom is a room that’s full of potential slipping hazards. No one needs a fall to hamper their independence, so non-slip flooring can be a great help. Wet-room-style showers with no steps are also fantastic for ageing in place if reduced mobility is a concern; they can be fabulously stylish and modern too, for a true luxury experience.

Making the most of the outside

If you have outdoor space, you’ll of course want to keep enjoying it as long as possible while ageing at home. To do so, you may need to modify paths and level any uneven surfaces to avoid risks of trips and falls. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to install a bench or a ‘love seat’ at a strategic point in your garden so you and your loved ones can sit and survey your garden at leisure.

Embrace the coming years by making any necessary changes in advance to ensure that ageing in place is a joyful and peaceful experience. It's certainly one that can be made easier with a few careful adjustments to your home.

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