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10 Questions to Nuno Mendes, Real Estate Consultant at Engel & Völkers

Nuno Mendes, Real Estate Consultant at Engel & Völkers, answers 10 questions:

1) A book

No doubt about this: "Rich Dad Poor Dad", a book I read a few years ago.

2) A sentence

"Intelligent is the ability to adapt to change."

3) A place

The countryside, where we can find everything we need for retreats, socializing with friends, a refuge, or even an opportunity to take professional weekends for the company team building.

4) A song

"Hey Jude", although it's still subjective. This is a classic that plays in a very natural and classy way and that I listen to since I was a little boy, either at home or on youtube.

5) A sport

There is no doubt: Soccer. It's not that it is considered the "king of sports", I like it because of the lessons it teaches about team spirit, leadership, unity, ethics. This is all inside and outside the field where they build the best teams.

6) A film

"The Social Network". To be honest, I've seen this movie 3 times or more. I'm amazed by the confidence he had and still has. It proves that you only depend on yourself to be the best regardless of the area you choose.

7) A traveling destination

Sol Tróia. It has the best of both worlds. Besides being a beautiful beach, it is ideal for family holidays or even to spend some weeks with our friends.

8) A favourite restaurant/food

I don't have any favourite food, I think our gastronomy is one of the best in the world. If I really had to choose a restaurant, it would be Atalho, the quality there is great.

9) Set a perfect day

Probably, in my perfect day I would have a lunch with my family or friends, a late visit to the beach and, perhaps,I would stay at the beach bar drinking a sangria or a bottle of wine.

10) A person you admire

If we don't count my parents and grandparents, probably, I would choose CR7. He is a very complete example of work, discipline, dedication and resilience. Who would ever believe that a small kid from Madeira would ever give this country what he has already given and create that kind of image beyond the frontiers of Portugal? To be the best, you have to learn how to follow the best. Live proof that we only depend on ourselves to be the best. No matter how much they criticize him, he continues to prove why he's the best in the world and why he is a living idol.

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