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Valuation as a philosophy

We value the individuality and history of each property. Often, it is the hidden values that determine the price, and our experts will recognise all the unique details during a non-binding viewing.

  • Online valuation

    Our online valuation is an efficient and uncomplicated starting point for a first and fast price assessment of your property – free and non-binding.

  • On-site valuation

    Our experts have the know-how to evaluate your property, taking into account all the unique characteristics. Let us consult you in person, for free, and on-site.

  • Local expertise

    It takes a lot of experience and local market knowledge to precisely valuate your property. We will determine the optimal price based on market and target group analysis.


Each property has an individual value

Are you wondering about the value of your house or apartment? Engel & Völkers can provide a well-founded valuation of your property. Whether online or on-site, it’s free and non-binding.


Online valuation

Looking for an initial estimate of your property's current value?

We compare your property information with thousands of records of sold properties, as well as those currently for sale, and thereby determine the current value of your property.

You will receive your first valutation fast and comfortably via email.

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On-site valuation

Every property is unique: Engel & Völkers experts can also take individual features and details of your property into account during the on-site valuation. We will be able to make a comprehensive valuation based on our extensive database, local market expertise, and comparisons with similar properties. Our sound valuation takes into account the full potential of your property and contains a detailed market and target group analysis.

The correct valuation

The top 6 factors for property valuation

One of the most important and complex steps when selling a house or apartment is the precise valuation of the property. Here are the six most important factors that significantly determine the value of your property.

  • Good to know

    Does your property include unique features such as a sauna, underfloor heating, or a modern heat-pump system? Get an on-site property valuation from an experienced Engel & Völkers agent. With their comprehensive expertise, they will be able to valuate your property with even more accuracy, in order to provide the best possible sale price.

Why sell with Engel & Völkers?

Deciding whether to sell privately or via an estate agent mainly depends on the following factors: your level of experience when it comes to selling properties, your knowledge of the property market, and the time you have available.

Expert knowledge

Our real estate agents are equipped with a high level of experience and a client base with earmarked prospective buyers, which will greatly reduce your time investment. The estate agent fee (when appropriate) is then split between yourself and the buyer.

No extra costs

Those who wish to handle the sale themselves will save on the agent's commission, but they must be ready for the necessary hidden expenses that may emerge to effectively sell a property. You will also have to be confident and steadfast when selling.


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