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10 Questions with Maria Sousa, Office Manager at Engel & Völkers

Maria Sousa, Office Manager at Engel & Völkers, answers the following 10 questions:

1) A book
"A Saga de um Pensador" by Augusto Cury, I read this book when I was very young, and it made me look at life from another perspective.

2) A phrase
"Today's determination is tomorrow's success," because without resilience and determination we can not achieve our goals, which lead us to success!

3) A place
Paris, the city that inspired me from the first day and it moves me every time I think about it.

4) A song
"Love of my life" by Queen, a song to love and life!

5) A sport
Futsal: I was positioned as the pivot during my teenage years, this sport showed me how to become team spirited, how to follow a mentor and above all believing in oneself always leads us to victory!

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6) A movie

"Life is Beautiful", I can watch it dozens of times and there is always something new to see! It's unforgettable and a great love story!

7) A destination

Rome, one of the most complete historic cities. I can still hear the sound of the audience at the Colosseum!

8) A favourite restaurant / food

Any restaurant with a great sushi! I'm a super fan!

9) Your perfect day

Travel on a Friday night to somewhere after a week of work, to a quiet place with a beach or pool and enjoy the weekend completely with a free mind, enjoy reading a good book, having a few drinks to freshen up and listen to the birds or the sea waves in the late afternoon.

10) A person you admire

My brother Zé, who is no longer with us, who taught me the most beautiful things in life. Thanks to him I learned the foundations of strength, kindness, humility and perseverance.

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