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5 tips on pricing your home for sale

When a person's intention is to sell their property, they generally have the same expectations as everyone else: to sell quickly and for the best price possible. On the other side of the coin however, buyers also demonstrate a desire to get the best deal when buying a home.

This ambiguity, where the will to do the best possible business always prevails, is often translated into a highly competitive real estate market, in terms of price negotiation. On the one hand, the buyer will point out every defect that he finds in the property in order to haggle for a lower price. On the other hand, the owner will maintain the will to sell his house at the price he considers fair.

It may not be possible to avoid such situations. Still, ensuring that the negotiation goes as smoothly as possible also depends on the owner's expectations from the most important features of the subject property. Getting the best possible price for a property depends largely on how much value the owner has added to their home. The more desirable the house looks in the eyes of the buyer, the more willing he will be to make a good offer.

Knowing how important the valuation of the property is - especially in a time where the real estate market arises in a highly competitive way - we will give some tips that can help the owners obtain an adequate capital gains according to their expectations.

1. Repair minor damages
Fixing the minor damages or repairing something that may not be 100% functional can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home.
Small details, which you will probably be able to do yourself for a low budget, may weigh on the buyer's decision and make them think the property is not worth the asking price.
Situations such as frayed paintings, cracks in the walls, locks that do not work or faulty doorknobs can cause your property to be automatically devalued in the eyes of the buyer and make them want to negotiate a value below the expectations of the owner.
Small repair works will make all the difference, since the buyer will not think of having to do these repairs in the future.

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2. Remove all the personal items from the rooms
We all like to fill our properties with personal items that characterise us. Over time, on the walls and on the furniture, objects that have sentimental value begin to appear. The walls get covered with lots of photographs of our family and friends.
The style of a house is part of the process of living in it. However, when the intention is to sell a property, these objects and characteristics that please us can be very harmful, especially if the buyer has a vision or personality that is different from ours.
At the time of the viewing, the more neutral the decor is the better the buyer's ability to "customise mentally" by imaging the way he could decorate each room to make it his own. Thus, a more neutral and less personal decoration of the house can be a strong point of appreciation.
With regard to the walls, for example, choosing light and sober tones will be ideal to help the rooms look bigger and cleaner.

3. Deal with all the legal issues before selling the house
Problems that relate to legal issues or documentation should be resolved by the owner before thinking of selling the property.
You will have great difficulty in finding a buyer if you are in a dubious legal situation.
It is, therefore, important that the owner is in possession of all the documents and has settled all the accounts and payments ​​associated with the property before the contract is signed.

4. Remember that the exterior also counts
Just as the interior of the property should be as appealing as possible, the exterior should be treated in the same way to ensure that the house will be sold at the best price.
The exterior of the property should be taken care of by avoiding visible signs, such as chipped paint, cracks in the walls, worn tiles, leaking gutters or any other situation that can be seen with the naked eye. In addition, in the case of villas, gardens, swimming pools or playgrounds must also be maintained.
A well-kept exterior can contribute towards enhancing the value of the property in the eyes of the buyer.

5. Take good photos of the house
The well-maintained appearance described above should be clearly shown in the photographs. A property that is correctly portrayed in the photographs, with special care for the chosen angles and light, and also about the arrangement of the rooms, can be highly valued in the eyes of the potential buyer.

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