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How wallpaper can transform your home

Wallpaper is nowadays a very diverse interior decoration concept and offers a wide range of possibilities. When it comes to decorating your home, knowing the different types and forms of wallpaper can be fundamental in order to create a cosy, spacious room for working or resting in. 

Every wallpaper has its own characteristics and properties and, considering your personal preferences and the needs of each room, it can create the illusion of smaller or larger spaces. 

Choosing the right wallpaper can make a big difference not only in the decor of the house but also in the way you experience and feel the space around you. By awakening the aesthetic emotions of wallpaper, decorating your walls can make all the difference in making sure you feel happy and comfortable in your own home.

From the most classic and even the most daring designs with different colours and textures; the wallpaper plays a key role in creating a cosy environment.

Come and find out about the 10 different wallpaper types and learn how they can help you decorate your home in a beautiful and appropriate way to suit your tastes and expectations.

1. Lining paper

Lining paper is a non-decorative type but when applied, it can add a finishing touch to the room.
It mainly serves as a preparation for the room before the walls are painted by smoothing the surface and covering some of the imperfections that may exist.
Although it's not a decorative type of wallpaper, lining paper can be very useful to ensure that your room gets a new lease of life with newly painted walls.

2. Classic Wallpaper

Conventional wallpaper stands out for its classic look. This can be single or double sided and is made from materials such as cellulose.
This type of wallpaper comes in several colours and is used in bedrooms, dining rooms or living rooms, giving them a traditional appearance.
Although it gives a beautiful aesthetic appearance to the rooms, a disadvantage of this type of wallpaper is that it is not washable and is less resistant to humidity.

3. Geometric wallpaper

The geometric shapes of this wallpaper can completely alter the look of a particular room.
The combination of colours and shapes can create totally different environments, which give the illusion of optical effects, movement, and even allow the creation of more or less abstract environments, as well as the re-creation of retro and trendy visuals. Depending on the chosen geometric pattern, this is a very appealing choice to fill larger rooms or make smaller ones appear bigger.

4. Striped wallpaper

Small rooms with low ceilings will benefit from a stripe wallpaper.
Placing this type of wallpaper with vertical stripes will help give the feeling of a higher ceiling of up to one foot; while horizontal stripes will serve to make the room look wider.

5. Wallpaper with texture-like patterns

Printed wallpaper, which imitates textures like wood or stone, can help modernise the rooms, creating comfortable and cosy spaces.
In a living room or dining room, this wallpaper can perfectly complement other decorative items or be the perfect frame for mirrors and pictures.

6. Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is quite popular, though not entirely consensual. It is light-resistant, washable and cheap to buy.
Its characteristics make this wallpaper very suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
Fitting this wallpaper on the walls of the bathroom or kitchen can help create more open and bright spaces that also protects the wall against fumes, humidity, and other issues that develop over time. 

7. Wallpaper with patterns

Patterns can help give the rooms an interesting look by adding depth and contrast. With the most delicate patterns and the most over-the-top ones, it is possible to create suitable environments for all the rooms of the house.
These embossed patterns will help to bring a touch of refinement in the rooms, even adapting to the most minimalist decoration types and giving them a touch of makeover. 

8. Fabric wall coverings

The feeling of a warmer and more comfortable room with a beautiful and exquisite effect can be achieved with fabric wallpaper.
With the touch of cotton, linen and silk, this wallpaper will be a luxurious alternative to any room, helping to give it a touch of decorative class and taking the appearance of the room to an exquisite level.

9. Synthetic wallpaper

In line with the previous type we can find the wallpapers to imitate fabric but manufactured with synthetic materials.
Durable and aesthetically beautiful, these wallpapers help create exquisite environments just like the fabric ones. Easy to install and ideal for creating cosy rooms, they will be perfect for bedrooms, offices, living rooms and dining rooms.

10. Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is made from cotton and cellulose fibres and applied in liquid form. This is perfect for eliminating defects or cracks that the wall may have, giving it a smoother and more beautiful effect.
Since this wallpaper is breathable, washable, and comes in various colours, it can be an ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens.

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