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Investing in Lisbon: choosing an international city

Lisbon is a traditional, cosmopolitan, multicultural and diverse city, where lots of opportunities ensure a unique living experience. Highly acclaimed by the Portuguese and foreigners, this city has added to the incredible achievements of its centennial history a wide range of awards that have placed it in the centre of world attention.

Lisbon's presence at the top of almost all the international rankings - which hail it as the best holiday destination; best city to live in; city ​​with the best quality and price ratio; and the most hospitable city in the world - is not by pure luck. Working to ensure that its infrastructure puts it among the best in the world, this city proudly presents itself as an international city, centre of opportunity, and an ideal place for investment.

One of the first aspects that help transform Lisbon into a perfect place to invest in is the way the stability of its economy allows the construction of solid and viable projects. Cultural, technological and information centre, Lisbon considers itself as a city where it is possible to explore the most diverse activities, always with the best support and benefits.

A city acclaimed for its hospitality, it allows anyone - regardless of their background or nationality - to integrate and build a solid future within its borders. In addition, the hospitality of the people extends also to the appealing Mediterranean climate that allows one to experience mild temperatures throughout the year and an endless number of sunny and pleasant days.

Safety in Lisbon was also one of its highlights, and recently Portugal was considered by the IEP - Institute for Economy and Peace - to be the third safest country in the world with one of the lowest crime rates. Lisbon, as the Portuguese capital, is also an expression of this peace and security.

Considered by Forbes as the best city to live in and also as the cheapest city in the world, Lisbon is a city in which it is also worth investing in the cost of living. The cost of living in this city is much lower than that of other European capitals, and counts, along with this added advantage, the offer of a range of options that make it a city with an extremely high quality of life. Investment in this city has as a result become more secure and profitable than in other world capitals.

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The accessibility and diversity of this Portuguese city are undoubtedly two of the reasons that give it prominence with regard to investment. Located in the central region close to the coast, and with excellent access to other Portuguese cities and towns, this city stands out for its transport networks and for the quality of services offered, and is still home to an international airport that connects its residents to the rest of the globe.

In addition to allowing easy mobility, the city stands out for its multiculturality, opening to the world and wearing the global city cape as it progresses and renews itself to the rhythm of today. This renewal is visible in Lisbon at the level of culture, technology and also of industry, commerce and housing. Here, spaces are shaped and adapted, and it is possible to find renovated places that transform abandoned factories or derelict neighbourhoods into true centres of art and leisure, which are also home to the delicate touch of the city's rich gastronomy with flavours from sea and land.

Another great reason to invest in Lisbon is the way the city remains at the centre of culture, education and the world of work. Here you can find some of the most prestigious schools, universities and colleges in the country. In addition, a city of opportunities, this opens up to the most distinct sectors and allows one to work in several areas, pointing to personal and career progression.

Finally, foreign investors will have some private advantages when choosing Lisbon as an investment place. At present, tax breaks and incentives allow the investors to apply for residence visas. These are promoted by Golden visas and facilitate the integration of people from other nationalities in the Portuguese market.

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