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Lisbon and the the real estate market growth over the past few years

Lisbon is a very dynamic city that highly appeals to investors. In this capital, we have been witnessing a notorious real estate market growth over the past few years. Find out more about the growth of this market in Lisbon and discover how you can discover the value of a property.

Lisbon, also known as the city of seven hills, is the most important city in Portugal but there’s a lot more to it besides its importance as a political, economic and technological centre. This city also meets many other requirements that appeal to investors and increase the demand for housing in this region.

Accessibility, mobility structures, academic and health facilities, quality of life and many other key points for everyday life are excellently fulfilled by this city and have made it stand out in multiple international rankings.

The whole trend of growth of the real estate market in the Lisbon region has been promoting a fluidity in real estate transaction. Albeit being in a very positive scenario, however, some questions are still being asked about the state of the current market and the possible value of the properties for sale. Today, these are the questions to which we want to give you answers.

Real estate sector in Lisbon

Lisbon has, in fact, drawn attention to the real estate environment, since the intense demand began to result in a valorisation of the properties for sale, making it easier to buy and sell these properties.

With historical and very relevant sales indexes and values, the search for the rehabilitation of properties and for new construction would also return to Lisbon's real state agenda.

The real estate sector is, without a doubt, a growing sector in the region. Currently, it is experiencing a significant increase in multiple areas, including residential, commercial and even the high standing sector. In fact, the sale of premium properties is highly representative for the values of the real estate market, both in Portugal and in Lisbon.

In view of this growth and the increasing value of property, many owners are unaware of the value of their properties. As such, it becomes important to know how much your property is worth.

How can you know how much your property is worth?

At the moment of finding out how much your property is worth, there are several factors to analyse and a lot of research to be done.

In fact, to know how much your property is worth, you should start by doing an analysis of the market in Lisbon and study the pricing of the remaining properties for sale. In addition, it is crucial that you consider the size and conditions of the property.

Location matters. In fact, it is fundamental. Where is your property located: Bairro Alto? Lapa? Parque das Nações? Knowing how location influences prices is also very important!

Finally, remember that finishes and leisure facilities also have a cost. Does your home have, for example, luxury finishes, a swimming pool or a jacuzzi? This may increase the value of your house.

The value of the property is based on an analysis of several factors, which depend on specific methods and tools to qualify the different features and subsequently quantify them.

For this reason, many people would rather contact experienced and capable professionals who can help them determine the actual value of a particular property.

In this situation, a good example of a strong ally is Engel & Völkers.

We have the best methods and tools to carry out a reliable market study of your property and we will provide you with this service in a completely free and personalised manner. Relying on Engel & Völkers may be the best way for you to know how much your property is worth and also to find out the best stratefies you can use to value it before you sell it.

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