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The book fair

Lisbon's Book Fair is one of the top events in the city and for many years, it has been an appealing meeting place, where the Portuguese and foreign visitors get the chance to experience great moments of fun. Come and learn more about the Lisbon Book Fair and take a look at the 2019 edition.

The Lisbon Book Fair is a must-visit event of the city. With many past editions and many years of history, this event has finally gained significant importance, filling the heart of the city and appealing to all those who visit it.

It is not only the people of Lisbon who allow themselves to be inebriated by literature at this event. In fact, aside from the visitors from all over the country, there are those who travel here on purpose in order to take advantage of the wonders of the event and it is not uncommon to see foreigners - tourists and residents - to be amazed by what the event has to offer.

The Lisbon Book Fair is much more than just a book-selling fair. It is worth knowing its rich history and background in order to better understand how this event has become so important for the Portuguese capital and for all who visit or reside there.

Come and get to know the Lisbon Book Fair better and find out why you should not miss this amazing event.

1. The History of the Lisbon Book Fair

Lisbon's first Book Fair was held in May 1930. Its first edition, which took place in Rossio, was promoted by the Portuguese Booksellers Association, an organisation that is now known as the Portuguese Association of Publishers and Booksellers.

Throughout its history, this fair has travelled long distances - both figuratively and literally speaking - having ceased to be just a literary fair, but also to accommodate various artistic and leisure venues; passing through various locations throughout its 89 years, including Rossio, Avenida da Liberdade and Parque Eduardo VII, where we can find this fair today.

One interesting factor about the Lisbon Book Fair is the way the event reviews Portugal's history. The political and social events, such as the Estado Novo (Second Republic), the Carnation Revolution of April 25, 1974, or even the Pope John Paul II visit in 1982, are all part of the country's history.

With hundreds of stalls, among which we can find editors, bookstores, graphic designers and booksellers, the Book Fair has been the most relevant literary event in the country.

2. How Many People Visit the Lisbon Book Fair Each Year?

Thousands and thousands of people visit the Book Fair annually, helping to paint the heart of the city with a world of books and entertainment. Historically, the results of 2017 indicated that more than half a million people had visited this fair.

These numbers have remained the same since then. In 2018, 492,000 people visited the Lisbon Book Fair and the 89th edition, in 2019, predicts that by the end of this year, 500,000 people will have paid a visit to the venue.

3. Apart From Books, what Else is Offered at the Lisbon Book Fair?

As we have already mentioned, the Lisbon Book Fair is now much more than just a bookstore.

At this event, the participation of many lesser-known and well-known authors in the Portuguese literary scene, has resulted in new book presentations, interesting meetings with authors, and autograph sessions as well as conferences and discussions.

As this is an event for the whole family, children will be able to have fun in a recreational world of children's literature, take part in parades and there will also be story-telling sessions for the little ones.

This is also a venue for delivering several literary prizes and a place with many workshops and poetry shows, music, readings and even a cooking show.

During the fair's last hour, the famous "Hora H" event will also be held, in which it is possible to get up to 50% discounts on all the books that have been published for more than 18 months.

4. What's different about the 2019 Lisbon Book Fair?

The 89th edition of the 2019 Lisbon Book Fair also featured some novelties and innovations.

This fair was bigger with "New Participants", where you can find bookstores and publishers that kept the visitors at the forefront of all the latest happenings.

In addition, the environmental and accessibility concerns were addressed at this fair, since the event seeks to become more sustainable by relying on paper and reusable bags and by providing free wheelchairs for senior visitors.

Another novelty of the 2019 edition is the introduction of "Sensório Forbrain", a sensory stimulation device that tries to reproduce, in a physical way, the emotions that can be experienced during the book reading sessions.

Being close to Eduardo VII Park means being able to experience more intensely all the emotions of this fair and, in order to find the perfect home in this region, there is nothing better than to rely on the professionalism and experience of a solid brand of excellence such as Engel & Völkers.

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