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The historic and emblematic shops of Lisbon

Lisbon's historic and emblematic shops have survived the birth of large stores, the crisis and the passage of time. Resilient and full of history, they represent the past and the national tradition of the capital. Come and visit some of Lisbon's historic and emblematic shops by reading this article now.

Portugal is a traditional country and its capital is the best city to demonstrate this. With several unique venues, some of which are protected by their own historical status, Lisbon adapts itself to time without losing the thing that gives it an eternally traditional spirit.

The historical legacy of some of the shops that are dotted around the city, many of which are passed down in the same family for generations, speak about the national spirit.

Among these stores, we can find goldsmiths, bookstores, confectioners, restaurants, watch shops, florists and drugstores; a wide variety, almost innumerable and undoubtedly deserving attention.

Today, we have selected 8 historic and emblematic Lisbon shops that help give the city the unique and memorable features that contribute to making it one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

1. Manteigaria Silva

This shop was first opened in 1890 in Rua dos Correeiros. Since then, a lot has changed including the name of the street, which is now known as Dom Antão de Almada Street. Manteigaria Silva is one of the only centenary shops that still prevails today in the famous Mercado da Ribeira.

With 129 years of history, this store continues to sell many of the products it originally started with. It is a good place to look for the finest quality cheese, wines and sausages in our country.

2. Ourivesaria Sarmento

Located at number 251, Rua Áurea in Lisbon, this shop has been in existence since March 1870, bringing with it 149 years of history.

The establishment was founded by José Joaquim Antunes Rebelo, and has been in the same family for 6 generations. It has earned its name from the great-great-grandfather of the people who still runs the store today. It is also worth mentioning that it was one of the first Portuguese shops to allow women to serve customers from behind the counter.

The historic store sells gold and silver jewellery and accessories. Here you can also find modern, authentic and replica pieces of jewellery from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

3. Luvaria Ulisses

Although it has 94 years of history and a vintage setting, Luvaria Ulysses stands out as the last store of its kind in Portugal, dedicated exclusively to gloves.

The shop is located in Muralha do Carmo, with a neoclassical exterior and a perfectly preserved interior.

In this shop, you can find leather gloves that are mostly made by hand.

4. Bertrand Bookstore (Livraria Bertrand)

Bertrand Bookstore is not to be missed. Having been around for almost 200 years, (1732), this is, in fact, one of the oldest bookstores in the world.

This bookstore has a great offer of books, from the most diverse publishers that are spread out by themed rooms. It is located in Chiado.

5. A Ginginha

It remains in Rossio, with all its history, a shop whose name already speaks of its function. Fans of the liqueur - the ginginha - will find it a must to visit the small shop, located opposite the Dona Maria Theatre.

Full of history, this liqueur store has been around for 179 years, having been originally founded in the year 1840.

6. Confeitaria Nacional

This store, with six generations of history and 190 years of tradition, is the oldest confectionery shop in the Portuguese capital.

The first cake of the country was made here, and the French recipe is still a secret of the house.

Here, in addition to the king cake, it is worth trying the wafers, the cream pastries, the cakes, and the scones.

7. Tabacaria Martins

This shop is located at number 4 Largo do Calhariz and is one of the rarest tobacco shops in the city that has survived to this day.

Originally opened at the end of the 19th century, this family tobacconist has been run by 3 generations. It currently sells cigarettes, cigars, cigarette-making machines and even e-cigarettes.

In addition, you can buy school and office supplies or try your luck with the Santa Casa Games.

8. Caza das Vellas Loreto

Opened in 1789 in Chiado and, based on the family's own candle-making tradition, the name of this shop has always remained the same. It is one of the oldest candle shops in the world.

This shop makes candles with beeswax, a product that is still popular today.

Here you can find all kinds of candles and even wicks for old oil lamps.

The traditionality of these shops shows the reasons to visit (and also to live) in Lisbon.

The rich and bustling metropolis, guided by the wonders of the 21st century, has retained its glamorous past. This can clearly be seen at every corner of the capital. If you are looking for a suitable home close to these historic shops, the Engel & Völkers property portfolio has a wide range of homes available at your disposal.

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Investment in Lisbon

Today Lisbon is a highly popular city for real estate investment - Portugal is one of the top European countries that offers the best tax benefits and one of the current meccas of tourism - whether it is short term rentals and other types of offers for tourists - this capital city offers everything one needs for a high quality of life.

Quality of Life in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the gateways to the European continent, thanks to its seafront position, enjoying the mildest climates in Europe, with around 3200 hours of sunshine a year and benefiting from its proximity to northern Africa and the temperate Atlantic Ocean.

Surrounded by an impressive stretch of beaches, Lisbon is also a seaside resort with a high-quality hotel offer, taking advantage of the proximity to Estoril Line, the Cascais-Sintra Coast and Vila Sintra.

With a highly extensive road network, tourist and cultural attractions, the famous Mediterranean gastronomy and the quality of its wine, Lisbon also has the added advantage of being connected with the rest of Europe and the world, via air and sea. What's more, it is one of the safest cities in Europe.

We must also highlight the quality educational and medical system for residents, the street trade, fairs and markets, all kinds of shopping malls and access to the best designer brands.

Golden Visa in Portugal - Residence Permit for Investment

The law that has been in force since October 8th, 2012, allows the Portuguese passport as well as other incentives (and consequently access to the Schengen area) to be granted to anyone who makes real estate investments worth more than 500,000 euros, making it one of the key factors for the foreign public to make an investment in Lisbon.

Tax Regime for Non-habitual Residents

There are advantageous tax arrangements for non-resident citizens, professionals with successful businesses, as well as those with high wealth or purchasing power.

Prospects for the Future

The latest indicators of the Portuguese economy show signs of recovery, considering the current real estate market's situation, there is also a resumption of dynamism, with a general opinion that the worst times are over.

In the property buying and selling market, the recovery in some areas was accompanied by an exponential growth in others, benefiting from the increase of tourism and tax regimes that to a large extent are beneficial for foreigners and non-residents.

Profile of Property Buyers in Lisbon

The profile of the buyer varies according to the area of the city. If in the historical centres there has been a great demand from European buyers, in the eastern, the new part of the town and the river, the demand is greater from countries like China, Angola and Brazil, and the demand by the local market varies widely according to the more traditional and prestigious zones, between the upper and upper middle class. For the foreign buyer, the aim is to buy a second home for short-term holidays, long-term letting, investment or for the benefit of more favourable tax regimes. It must be noted that in Lisbon there are many high-quality foreign colleges and schools. For the Portuguese, property investment and buying a home as the main residence are still the main reasons for the high demand.

Buying or Renting Property in Lisbon

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