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To buy or not to buy: preparing your home for viewings

The decision to buy or not to buy depends on the first impression during a visit to the property. Thus, it is very important that you prepare the house for a viewing. In this article, get some tips for preparing your home for a potential buyer's visit.

There are several things that can help to ensure that potential buyers interested in your home stay interested after visiting it.

Although requesting for a viewing is already a good indication that the person is interested in buying your property, the way you present your home will be the deciding factor for a successful sale.

The first impression of the prospective buyer is very important and the seller should therefore be aware that during the viewing, there are key aspects to consider which can help enhance your home and make the potential buyer feel even more interested.

Increasing the desire to buy a particular property is something that can be done by applying some specific strategies that enhance the property' appeal and give it a more attractive and irresistible touch.

Come and get some tips here so you can prepare your property for a viewing.

Clean the House Thoroughly

A clean home is critical for viewers in order to make them feel that this is a place they would like to move to.

When you keep your home clean for the viewer, you are improving their perception of it and also giving the impression that they are entering a well-kept place that can easily be turned into their own home.

It becomes easier to reassure the prospective buyer by presenting them with a tidy and clean home.


Although the house is clean, clutter and mess can be an off-putting factor and give the impression that you are entering a less welcoming and dirtier environment.

Don't let your child's clothes, crockery or even toys be scattered around the house at the time of the viewing.

A tidy house allows the buyer to feel more relaxed and also to have a better view of the rooms.

Opt for a More Impersonal Environment

Although the familiar and happy feeling is very positive, the presence of very personal items, such as photos of family and friends can make the potential buyer feel a lesser desire to purchase the property.

These types of elements can prevent the viewer from imagining the place to be theirs rather than yours. Also, since it is not known what the potential buyer likes or tastes, these aspects can be detrimental to the sale.

A less personalised home gives a greater possibility for the viewer to design the property to their own liking, which helps to generate a greater interest in the purchase.

Choose a Pleasant Aroma

Every house can have unpleasant smells, whether it comes from pipes, tobacco smoke, moisture, damp, or rubbish.

The aroma of a home is very important during the viewing, as it has the power to persuade people. Thus, you should ventilate the house and light aromatic candles to ensure that the house does not have any unpleasant aromas.

Keep in mind once again that as you do not know the tastes of the potential buyer, you should not choose strong or distinctive aromas.

Ensure you Use Adequate Lighting

When you have a viewing, it is important to ensure that the house is bright and airy by opening all the blinds and curtains.

If the viewing is for early in the morning or in the evening when there isn't much natural light, you should turn on the lights throughout the house.

Put Away your Pet's Belongings

Dog crates, cages and toys should be stored away and you should not have your pets around the house during the viewing. Besides not knowing how the potential buyer will react around animals, there is also the possibility that they are allergic to pets.

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