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9 Creative Ideas to Organise Your Home

Organising our home can sometimes become a stressful task with not much fun, but the truth is that there are original ways of doing it. We will show you 9 creative ideas to put your home in order in a different way:

1. A place for your jewelry
There are spaces in the house that go virtually unnoticed. We can enjoy these free spaces more if we know how. Are there many jewelleries? The back of the door is a space that is often unused. You can use it as a display for your necklaces, earrings, etc. giving a chic touch to your room.

2. Arranged towels
If you want a more organised, beautiful and slightly less traditional bathroom, do not fold your towels in the usual way. Try wrapping them and placing them on a shelf as they will become an extra decorative feature.

3. Tidying up the beauty accessories
With a rope, hooks and two or three metal tubes you can put the hair dryer, make-up, brushes, and any other beauty accessory that you have on the bathroom counter.

- pexels-photo-498039.jpeg

4. Say goodbye to mixed underwear
One simple idea to prevent your underwear from getting mixed up in the drawer is to use boxes.

5. Magnets for utensils
Put an end to losing bathroom or kitchen items. Put a small magnet on the wall and you will always have the utensils in the same place.

6. Recycled shelves
You can use tubes to create your custom shelves. Another option is to use wine boxes as they achieve a similar effect. Your home will have a much more modern style as a result.

- pexels-photo-358572.jpeg

7. Scarves on hangers
Most scarves take up a lot of space in the bedroom. Hang them stretched out on a hanger instead so you will have them at hand and organised.

8. Shoe display
Wooden crates are a great option for your shoes. You can use different-sized boxes, paint them and put them on the wall like a bookcase.

9. Pallets
They are one of the most fashionable options. Pallets can be useful for a myriad of things. You can convert them into a table, a chair, the base of a bed or a shoe organiser, among many other options.

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