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A look at homes that have adapted to their surroundings

The notion of binomial man vs. nature is nothing new ... and not necessarily true. Over the years, humans whose primordial intention had once upon a time been a sudden separation from nature, are now integrating into nature itself by trying to get inspiration from it and discovering a new form of uniting the advanced sciences with the natural simplicity of the world.

This way of celebrating nature, through a true fusion of technological advances and the best of the natural environment, presents itself as a tribute to sustainability and a visual appeal to respect the environment. The result? Houses designed irreverently in styles that almost camouflage themselves with their surroundings.

- f9796fe1732d6313b53cd1ad2140eee7.jpg

Photo: Casa do Espelho 

Throughout the world, there are still many houses that manage to capture the natural magnificence. Nevertheless, some notable examples deserve some attention, the way they defy architectural knowledge and present features that bring back the unique splendour of the surrounding nature.

The first example of this will be the Casa de Espelho. This building was the project of Peter Picher and aims to become "invisible" from the outside by reflecting the valley that surrounds it.

- Villa+Valls-2+HERO.jpg

Photo: Villa Vals

Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller have already achieved a fabulous result with Villa Vals, a building that literally rises from the mountain next to the Vals spa, Switzerland.

To these examples we must add the projects of Edourad François and their Casas Rurais de Jupilles, camouflaged under a layer of leaves and branches; Peter Vetsch, the famous Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse, the globes that integrated the Lord of the Rings like the houses of the Hobbits; and the company, Deca Architecture, which designed the underground house known as Aloni Residence.


Photo: Casas rurais Jupilles

Finally, another project that deserves a mention is the Övre Gla's Hut, which blends well with the Årjäng forest and Caveland, a house literally integrated with the Missouri cave.

The reunion between man and nature is, therefore, also seen all over the world through these innovative and unique designs from architects.

An environmental and aesthetic look that allows us to breathe - literally - a purer air, with a renewed respect for what is beautiful and natural.

- Lattenstrasse-Undergound-House-41.jpg

Photo: Cabana de Övre Gla

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