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A true experience of Alentejo with a view of the sea

When Alentejo is mentioned, its cork oaks are the first thing that come to mind about this huge piece of land. After all, is this not the part of the country that boasts of herds walking freely between crops and livestock? Yes, it is. And is it true that one feels the laziness of a torrid sun from within, in the heat of an intense and artisan tradition?

Yes, it is. Is that it? No! Definitely not just these! To mention Alentejo is also to talk about its coastline, i.e. beach and sea. From its rich seafood dishes that are fresh and prepared with mastery to its people whose soul remains soft, filled with warmth and hospitable to visitors.

To speak of Alentejo is to speak of the sunset on the beach of Samoqueira and the ruins of Troy. To speak of Alentejo is to remind us of its wild beaches of Melides. To speak of Alentejo is to mention the height of fullness that signifies a Portuguese soul that is made of land and sea ... and in a place that once you visit it, imprints itself on the nomadic hearts, with a force so raw and welcoming that you will stay for good.

Let us, therefore, pay a visit to Álcacer do Sal. Rich in heritage and ideal for culture lovers, this city will melt hearts with the way it mixes the Roman ruins, with wonderful beaches that invite the most enthusiasts to get involved in surf lessons and the more leisurely to watch the nice dolphins; and with the wonderful views of Serra da Arrábida. In this place, greenery is not forgotten and activities like golf are practiced by locals and visitors.

Returning home will not be easy. With the telluric beauty of Comporta, its delicious gastronomy, highly anchored in tradition where the rice fields proliferate. Idyllic and full of an eternal agricultural tradition, this land stands out for its dual soul, which mixes the best of the cultural world with the richness of the Lusitanian natural heritage.

Recently considered by Forbes as one of the best beach destinations, this will require a visit to the beaches of Comporta and Pego - where the Sal bar is considered by Traveler magazine as the best beach bar in the world.

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From Comporta, the clear sands extend to Sines. But let us not yet jump into this town in a hurry. Not at least without a stop at Melides, where you will find the best of nature in the form of parks, ponds and of course, extensive beaches and with a clear and vibrant sea. The beauty of the scenery is fit for a postcard and it is also revealed in the hospitality of the people, in the culinary knowledge and in the ludic offer, where there are such exciting options as windsurfing or canoeing.

From here to Sines, one of the most important localities of the Alentejo coast and with a beautiful sea cape that transfigures it in a telluric scenery of dizzying beauty. Vasco da Gama's native land, this city lives and vibrates with the oceanic touch, which also gives life through the fishing tradition. From the sea to the music, the jump is subtle and light, being also the city awarded by its Musicas do Mundo Festival.

After Sines, two other highlights stand out. We are talking about Porto Côvo, a place of outstanding beauty that offers the highlight of beaches such as the Pessegueiro and places of wild perfection like the beach of Samoqueira. Tradition has it that fish and seafood are served here, enhanced with salt and parsley, with a palate where the generosity of the Portuguese people and the gentleness of the cook are transformed into a culinary moment of high quality.

We finish this trip in Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, a city that integrates in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. Equally beautiful, this city invites you to experience the summer pleasures, taking advantage of the golden touch of the sun over the clear sands and diving into an ocean that extends as far as the eye can see.

This way of experiencing the Alentejano with sea in view is inviting ... but not only for those who want to find the ideal place to spend the holidays at. The Alentejo coast invites you to stay here for good. Although it is the same sun, the same sea and the same sceneries, this is a place where the future is bright, with stones of economic stability, harmonious constructions with unique opportunities and with undeniable moments of the best in the world of the arts and culture.

To help you find the perfect place on the Alentejo coast you can count on the support and mastery of Engel & Völkers. With a unique knowledge and experience in real estate, this company will ensure that you will find the perfect place to enjoy what this region has to offer.

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