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Advantages of starting a real estate career with Engel & Völkers

Establishing a career implies a broad contemplation about the present, the future and the way we want to live our daily lives. For this reason, most people have a preference for the most stable and career-enhancing professions.

Being a real estate consultant is something that could appeal to anyone who wants all this ... and more. The real estate consultants are generally responsible for offering clients a personalised service, advice on the purchase and / or sale of real estate and also on rentals.

We will give you some reasons to start your career as a real estate consultant with Engel & Völkers:

1. Building a Career
Being a real estate consultant is not a passing job. Within this position, you will have the possibility of becoming successful by moving up the ladder to a solid professional career. Top jobs such as coordinator or commercial director will be within reach the moment you become a consultant.
Obviously it is very important to grow within a company that has a positive brand image and strong reputation. Engel & Völkers was founded in 1977 and with more than 40 years of experience, is definitely the best option.

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2. Time flexibility
As a real estate consultant you can manage to fulfill all your commitments and manage your life, no matter how complicated it may be. This is because, when we talk about real estate consulting, we are talking about an alternative and tailor-made timetable.
Becoming a real estate consultant means that your schedule will be largely in your hands and will depend on your availability. Still, you should consider that it is a serious job and you will need to devote much of your time to it if you want the best results.

3. Make contacts
In a world like ours, having contacts is of utmost importance. Being a real estate consultant, this is a reality for you: you will need to create a network of contacts, as you meet new people every day.

Some of your clients and prospects will be part of your network of contacts ... but not just them. You will also have contacts from several companies and entities, owners of real estate agencies and colleagues in this field.

4. No age limit
There is no "right" moment to become a real estate consultant so you can join this market regardless of the phase of life you are in. Age is not an exclusion factor in this environment, since, in the diversity of the market, there will always be a niche appropriate to your profile.

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5. An international way of life
The world of real estate careers is as much about location as it is about property. That's why the Engel & Völkers' offices are spread all over the world in the most prestigious settings, from Santa Monica to Milan. Your career as a real estate agent with Engel & Völkers will see you travelling around the world, visiting the hottest destinations and gaining access to the best properties in these countries.

6. Access to industry-leading sales tools
Excellent real estate careers are ultimately built in sales. Being linked to a name from an industry leader like Engel & Völkers is a great helping hand, but it is the tools that will help push you to the finishing line. Engel & Völkers provides industry-leading sales software and marketing strategies to market properties effectively. With Engel & Völkers, your properties will reach more people, thus improving your opportunities to close a deal.

7. Exceptional training
Knowledge and training are the foundation of successful real estate careers. In-depth knowledge of local and international markets is essential for good results.
Engel & Völkers has a dedicated workshop that has the sole intention of providing exceptional training to its sales teams. During training you will learn about markets, sales tactics and how to use the industry's leading sales tools.

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These are some of the advantages of becoming a real estate consultant ... but they are not the only ones. In addition, you will have the chance to stay active and motivated, explore your abilities, be challenged and start achieving the best results. It is a job in which you can expand your technical learning and cultural boundaries. And, of course, it is a job in which you can find true satisfaction and fulfillment.

Since its opening in 1977, Engel & Völkers has helped countless real estate agents realise their dreams and those of their clients. Visit the company testimonial page to read the success stories from several current members and former members of the Engel & Völkers family and when you are ready, start your journey with Engel & Völkers. We are waiting for you!

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