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Advice about time management in the real estate world

While it is true that real estate agents can schedule their day-to-day tasks and agenda at their own pace, on the other hand it is equally true that poor time management can affect how the agent works as well as the real estate agency he works for.

When you are a property agent, time management is one of the most important parts to guarantee your success.In the real estate world, even if the working hours are shown on the door of the agency the truth is that no set time actually exists. We know full well that, even after the agency shuts its doors at the end of the day, the search for real estate, the viewings with potential buyers and the telephone calls from the clients do not stop.

It is, therefore, difficult to manage time in this environment. Yet, as complicated as it may seem, we assure you that it is not impossible, and for that very reason, we have the following 3 tips to help you with this task:

1. Do not believe all the rules about time management
In the real estate world, every agency is an agency and every person is a person. There are no set rules on how best to manage your days.
Look for a form of organisation that ensures you have time for your work and for your clients, without neglecting your personal life. Remember that balance is something very personal and necessary on the road to success.
Establish a realistic plan by including all your duties so that you can decide whether you have enough time to fulfill all your tasks.

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2. Do not just stick to the agenda
Meetings or customer visits are part of the to-do list of the agenda, with a set date and time. However, it is necessary for the real estate agent to look for other platforms and tools to help him organise the remaining work.
An agenda will not be enough for an effective time management plan in the real estate world.

3. Longer working hours do not mean better results
Many real estate agents fall into the trap of working longer hours to try to fulfill their responsibilities. The truth is, if the hours you have previously dedicated to the tasks are not enough, you are most likely not choosing the most effective way to manage your time.
Review the way you work and try to understand how best to re-organise your day in order to achieve good results without working 24/7.

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