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Albufeira, Lagos and Vilamoura: dream destinations

It is a well known fact that the Algarve is a very appealing destination for both the Portuguese and foreigners. The traveller finds many reasons to go there ... and so many others to stay! Good beaches, good food, modernity based on a tradition that still lives today and of course, a festive atmosphere where every minute proves that life can really be a dream.
Destinations such as Albufeira, Lagos and Vilamoura will surprise every visitor for different reasons (or for various reasons): between summer pleasures, the most attractive sports activities, moments of relaxation and leisure and cultural offer, these cities bring much of what is best done in our country.
Albufeira, for example, being a beautiful city near Faro, will offer an appealing heritage, to which it combines the natural wonders. Lagos conquers by its beautiful beaches, by the diverse activities and also by the richness of its museums. In Vilamoura, you can find a luxurious universe where the day never ends and fun is an everyday thing.
Bohemian environments in the heart of Portuguese hospitality and the doors of the Atlantic Ocean: this is the promise made (and fulfilled) by these Algarve regions.

1. Cultural interest
Albufeira is many things but, most of all, it is irresistible: Albufeira is cultural heritage. Here you can visit such emblematic monuments as Porta de Santana, which dates back to medieval times; The ruins of Antiga; The Church of Sant'Ana; The Matriz Church and Sineira Tower or the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Orada. In addition to these, there are also the museums, especially the Museum of Archeology, which will take you on a trip to the city's past. In Albufeira, the idea of ​​staying at the Marina, where the cultural heritage is kissed by the resplendent water of the most beautiful landscape, is still fascinating.
But culture does not just await you in Albufeira. In Lagos you can visit the famous Slave Market, the Villa Romana, the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Carmo or the Fort of Nossa Senhora. To know more about the history of the region, you should also plan a visit to the Municipal Museum Dr. José Formosinho. If you prefer seeing something a little different to the stones where the past is printed, you can also visit the current zoo of the region and get to know the magnificent animals that occupy it.

- 2885335422_f11568ae80_b.jpg

Photo: Lagos

2. Fun times
The Algarve - especially during the summer months - is a party destination that never sleeps. This is where fun does not fade.... and Albufeira, Vilamoura and Lagos are no exception.
Albufeira invites families with children to immerse themselves in places such as Zoomarine, Aquashow or Slide and Splash for days filled with joy and fun. In addition, it will allow the more adventurous to play the famous "Geocaching", making their treasure hunt on the avenues and on the rails that appear everywhere. At night, this city will invite you to visit the nearby Vilamoura.
In Vilamoura, life begins with the sunset. This region, which is located in Quarteira, will introduce you to bars, discos and even a casino. These are places where you can drink, dance and laugh until dawn. During the day, the truly luxury tourist resort, the Algarve, will invite you to get to know its beautiful Marina, to do some diving or to practice at its famous golf course.
Finally, Lagos will invite new moments of fun, many of them also painted by nightfall. Events that involve artistic moments or live music are frequent in the bars of this Algarve region. Enjoy taking a walk along the avenue, watching the craft shows or rest on a terrace and listen to some of the local artists.

- 10995187.jpg

Photo: Albufeira

3. Sea Vitamin
Fun and culture will not be the only things that attract travellers to these locations. The beaches are undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the region and promise to make you enjoy your time combining the best of calmness and tranquility with the best of summer sports.
In Albufeira, for example, you will find a world of blue flag beaches, where you will find the fine clear sands with the gentle kiss of the sea's crystal clear waters. They are a true paradise in the eyes of the traveller, painting in light and simple tones, under the summer sun and the mild climate. You can, in this instance, choose to have a rest or go surfing, diving and bodyboarding.
Also in Lagos you will find the best of Portuguese beaches. In fact, Lagos is one of the most visited destinations for those looking for summer pleasures. In Lagos, you will have access to vast and crowded beaches but also some hidden surprises and untouched resorts await you there. This is the ideal place to rest or take a dip in the warm water, replenishing the "sea vitamin". The most daring can even practice sailing or surfing. Amongst the most beautiful beaches are Meia Praia, São Roque and Dona Ana.

- Tivoli-Marina-Vilamoura-photos-Facilities.jpeg

Photo: Vilamoura

4. Algarve served with rigor
The refinement of Portuguese gastronomy does not fail to impress in these Algarve regions. Here you can sample many of the traditional regional cuisines. 
In Albufeira, we recommend dishes such as seafood rice, onion tuna and clams in cataplana. Flavours that will remind you of the sea and holiday by leaving the sweet taste of longing in your mouth.
In Lagos, the horse mackerel, the dry octopus roe or the famous grain stew are a must. And for dessert, be sure to taste the traditional Lagos sweet, the famous Dom Rodrigo.
Finally, the luxurious restaurants in Vilamoura will invite you to sample gourmet dishes that will bring you the best of sea flavours.
The Algarve is served with rigor by the hands of a tradition that welcomes and captivates lovers of "dolce vita".

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