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Aveiro: a look at the Venice of Portugal

Aveiro is a city in the centre of Portugal, whose charm has already reached the minds (and hearts) of many Portuguese and travellers from around the world.
A city full of light and in which you can experience the hospitable tradition that characterises our people so much. This is a place that brings together everything you seek in a city. From the more urban side through to the points of academic and cultural vibration and ending in the venues dedicated to leisure and fun: this is a city that has a little bit of everything!
In the midst of breathtaking landscapes, among which are the wonderful canals, you will find the delightful establishments where you can taste the flavours that perpetuate authentic ancestral recipes.
Aveiro is, therefore, a unique destination to visit and always leaves you with a deep desire to return.

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1. Visiting Aveiro
Contemplation is one of the slogans when talking about this city. Our "Venice" is mainly known for its river, which literally passes through the centre of the city and where you can (and should!) enjoy a beautiful trip on the water, aboard the traditional boats of this region, the Moliceiros.
If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, this is a trip that can also be done by bicycle, since in the city's environmental plans the alternative BUGA: Aveiro Free Bicycle was created. Along with this "green" solution, the city has several cycling routes that invite all those who are interested to pedal.
Onboard BUGA or by any other means, you can not miss the Art Nouveu style that marks the architecture of many buildings and visit Salinas de Aveiro, the Museum of Vista Alegre and the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira.

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Photo: © Moema Quintas

2. Moments of pure fun
Aveiro is a young city whose inhabitants are, for the most part, university students. Thus, responding to the needs of this audience, Aveiro has a fun and varied nightlife, where the "spree" is linked to cultural events and never lack drinks, live music, karaoke and jovial euphoria.
During the day, Aveiro River will be the setting for many leisure options, such as sport fishing, regattas, canoeing or underwater exploration.
Geocaching is also an option in this city. In addition to being a fun game of treasure hunting, this will serve as a guide, taking you to the most beautiful places in the region.
To relax, you can also go to nearby beaches, such as Praia da Barra and Furadouro Beach. This is where you will find the telluric scenery of gold and blue, made of the finest sands and the ocean that shines on the horizon.

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3. Aveirenses flavours
There is probably no Portuguese city without gastronomic delicacy. Aveiro is no exception. The gluttonous travellers will love the gastronomic tradition of Aveiro and the way they create delicacies based on sweet eggs. Whether it's the soft eggs, the bundles of egg candy, the pasteis de nata with sweet eggs, you will certainly end up eating them and taking some extra with you for later.
In addition to sweets, however, this is a city where you can sample delicacies such as the mussel kebab or the eel stew.
These are delicacies that will certainly appeal to the senses of those who want to taste Aveiro to the last crumb.

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