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Cascais and Estoril: destinations where the sea is your sanctuary

For those who have heard of Cascais and Estoril, know all about their mountains, the sea, the gastronomy and the traditionality that is a true and constant presence, which appeals to both visitors and the residents in this region.

Located in the region of Greater Lisbon, this destination brings with it a very lively and intense Portuguese soul that boasts beaches like Guincho Beach, Cresmina Beach, Santa Marta Beach and Ribeira Beach; its cuisine is rich in fresh fish and shellfish and its landscapes let the touch of nature and man's ancestral creations blend, creating unique and defining settings of Portugal's soul. In addition, traditional and with a lively culture, Cascais and Estoril present themselves with the hospitable warmth of the cordiality that so defines the Portuguese people.

The region of Cascais and Estoril is a destination where holiday promises add to many other attractions, also expressing itself in the luxurious world of renowned hotels, golf courses and clubs where you can enjoy the best of leisure and tranquility.

In this region, sea lovers will be amazed by the wide range of sporting options, in activities as diverse as surfing, bodyboarding or sailing. For those who do not engage in such extreme sports, Cascais and Estoril also allow one to get to know the sea, swim, watch the wonderful sunset, drink a coffee or beer on the coastal terraces, while taking advantage of the warm flavours and colours of the evening.

With an above average quality of life, Cascais and Estoril have a stable economy and that is why many people to choose the region not only as a holiday destination but also as a home. In a privileged setting, where the necessary infrastructures are aplenty and one never gets tired of its beauty, culture is also an asset. Sites, such as Sintra-Cascais National Park, Abano Beach and Gandarinha Park will allow you to take a breath of fresh air in the peaceful greenery of the region, at the same time as enjoying a vast array of historical and architectural features that are reminiscent of the past.

We are speaking of such iconic sites as the Lighthouse and the house of Santa Maria, the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace (Nossa Senhora da Graça) the Fort of St. Peter of Estoril and the various Roman Villas. Sites where the memory of Portuguese history is honoured from the beauty of forts, ruins, palaces and stately mansions.

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Culture is honoured in these localities with the presence of the memory in the museological venues, with emphasis on Vila Museum, the Story House of Paula Rego (Casa das Histórias de Paula Rego) and the Lighthouse Museum of Santa Marta, where a diversified exhibition allows visitors to encounter Portugal's soul. And it is also this soul that is known in the gastronomic traits and in the nightlife, where there are plenty of posters filled with festivals, concerts and other events that help fill the schedules of visitors and locals with moments of unforgettable fun and leisure.

The unmissable characters of the past, together with today's occurrences, are what make Cascais and Estoril places that appeal to permanence, guaranteeing a lifestyle that is both cosmopolitan and tranquil; moments of peace and moments of celebration; the best of introspection and the best of artistic, cultural and educational life.

In close proximity to universities and renowned centres, these localities are suitable for families or individuals who wish to live close to the best known educational institutions in Europe and in the world. In addition, surrounded by the most diverse arts and industries, this is also a fabulous place for people with diverse backgrounds and professions who wish to reside here.

Visiting Estoril and Cascais will be a unique experience that will guarantee a fulfilling holiday. Still, it's more than just a travel destination as Cascais and Estoril are perfect places to establish a life where none of the practical and emotional aspects are lacking. Thus, it is common for visitors to fall in love with the sound of the ocean and seek shelter in the streets of this city, looking for a house that allows them to settle in the region.

If this is your case, you should know that the best way to find an ideal place to invest or live in will be to count on the mastery and professionalism of one of the most acclaimed luxury real estate companies: Engel & Völkers. This company will listen to your needs and show the best real estate in the region of Cascais and Estoril. Take advantage of all the mastery of these estate agents and find in the ideal place to invest in Cascais or Estoril.

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