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Curriculum vitae: 10 infallible pieces of advice

The job market is opening once again and many vacancies are being made available to job seekers. Still, as you might imagine, your curriculum vitae will just be one among hundreds. There will be many people qualified for the same job you are applying for so you must work harder to catch the attention of the employers.

The reality is that the search for the ideal candidate is wide and varied as their CVs are assessed before the interview. Creating a good CV is, therefore, fundamental as this is the first step to representing yourself to the company. A CV works like a book cover; the more appealing it is to the employer, the more likely it will be analysed and selected.

Today we will give you 10 infallible pieces of advice for creating a good CV:

1. Do not be afraid to innovate

The European format is usually the most traditional way of submitting this document, which is why you should have a curriculum vitae in this format. However, if there is no request for this type of document, you can try to present the information in an innovative way and make your personal presentation stand out.

- cv.jpeg

2. Match the CV to the job position
Not all job vacancies are the same, and as such, the CV you submit should not be either. A generic curriculum vitae can get a misconception about how much you are willing to give to the company. Research the employer and the vacancy in question by trying to tailor your presentation document to them. This may be relevant, for example, with regard to your competences.

3. Do not forget the important personal data
Biographical data (such as name, address, e-mail or contact number), academic experience (education, language skills, courses and training), past careers (companies and positions) and even some personal information that can set you apart from others (Social activities, particular tastes, trips around the world). Do not forget to mention these or other good points that can make your CV interesting and positively boost your image.

4. Less is more
When creating a CV, do not try to go beyond the limits of simplicity. The briefer it is, the simpler it will be to read. It must contain short phrases, direct ideas and be clearly expressed. In addition, the quality of the information will be important not the size of the presentation: try to say the most about yourself in as few words as possible.

- cv.jpg

5. Use spaces
No matter how pertinent the information may seem to you, the truth is that employers would not have the time or the will to read several pages. Opt for a short version with a maximum of two pages. A direct curriculum vitae is more likely to be read.

6. Include examples
If throughout your career you produced work worthy of mention, include examples for each of them. Examples will be highly valued by employers. 

7. Include good contacts
Similarly, references and contacts are valued by employers. If any of your former employers are willing to be contacted for this purpose, you can include their details in your CV. Letters of recommendation can also be attached.

- cv.jpg

8. Never lie
Even if you feel that your experience is not enough or that a little lie could help raise the level of your curriculum vitae, never fall into the mistake of doing so. As the old saying goes, "You'll catch a liar before you'll catch a cripple." Cherish the truths without going into exaggerations and lies.

9. Review everything
Reviewing everything you write will prevent spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. If necessary, ask for the help of third parties in this review to ensure the CV is free from errors. 

10. Update your CV's content
It is very important that you keep the curriculum vitae up to date. This way you will have a more generic version that's always ready to be submitted.

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