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Decorating trends for this winter

It is not surprising that just like people, houses also dress differently depending on fashion and season.With the arrival of the cold weather, the need also arises to decorate the house in a comfortable and cosy way without, however, abdicating the most daring and interesting trends.We have entered the world of fashion to get to know the decorating trends for the coming winter and to know all the traits that can not fail to integrate a house in the winter of 2017-2018.

1. Comfort in colours
Winter colours are returning and just like always, we find black, grey, bordeaux, brown, bejes and caramel tones. With these shades it becomes possible to create distinct and exquisite living environments; since they are elegant colours and can easily be combined in the different environments of the rooms. Timeless tones that renew themselves year after year, are an excellent option to enhance the decor of your home this winter.

2. Vintage
Vintage is always a novelty. Since some time ago, vintage has come to stay and seems to have no desire to go out of style. Integrating vintage pieces into the home's winter decor will help give a touch of distinction to any room in your home.

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3. A Casual-Chic home
Casual-chic is a term that is usually reserved for clothing. But why? A house can also conquer its touch of casualness through elements of comfort, without dispensing with luxury pieces of furniture. A good way to do this is to incorporate blankets, candles, and natural elements in your decoration, for example, and then, merge this homely and relaxed atmosphere with a touch of refinement, through more contemporary pieces, possibly in shades like silver or gold. Beauty is how much these contrasts complement each other.

4. Infinite
Fuller walls in winter help create an environment of comfort. In order for you not to create a heavy environment, the mirrors will be your best friends in this task. With different shapes and colours, mirrors will help create the feeling of comfort, while making the rooms look bigger, thus creating real infinities in your reflection.

5. Up-and-coming materials
Marble and copper are back this winter and it will be a great idea to integrate them into the decoration of the house. Whether it's flooring, countertops or even wallpaper patterns that look alike, the truth is that these materials will help give a new personality to your home.

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