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From climate to real estate investment: the luxury of Mediterranean sun

Portugal will be a country that calls for investment for many reasons. Its culture, its heritage, the way in which the vibrant touch of tradition in the streets extends, the velvety flavours of its gastronomy, hospitality, safety and quality of life can not be forgotten among the reasons that have attracted thousands of people over the years to consider our country as a place to stay.

In recent years, Portugal has continued integrating some international rankings that put it among the best in the world. Portugal came on top of the list as one of the safest and most affordable countries with the highest quality of life. Some of its cities stand out for other reasons, such as Lisbon, which was considered by the Wall Street Journal as one of the main technological hubs, and Porto, considered to be one of the most exciting cities in the world by Time Out City Life Index.

Along with these rankings, Portugal has also been in the limelight for other aspects. Music and football are good examples, as the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest and the victory of the European Football team were also highly positive to ensure that Portugal was literally on the international spotlight.

All these reasons could explain why over time, Portugal has attracted so many investors and highly appealed to them. Any of these reasons could partly justify the real estate growth that has been seen over the last few years, especially in the luxury sector.

As we know, throughout the year 2017 (and also this year), the figures achieved by the luxury real estate market in Portugal have risen in an unprecedented way, with a large part of this growth in the work and mastery of companies such as Engel & Völkers, whose excellent performance has helped to promote the advantages of owning a property in Portugal for both the locals and foreigners.

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Since the year 2014 and up to now, the growth observed in the commissions of luxury real estate brokers is equivalent to more than 50% and the number of sales carried out in this elite market is noticeably higher than it was a few years ago.

However, the upward trend that has been seen in the real estate sector - notably in this niche where luxury is the centre of everything - is not only due to the classifications that mark the wonders of the country, its culture or the awards won abroad. All this could (and in part has been) promoted by successive attempts at improvement, but in addition to this, Portugal has experienced a great deal of luck.

We are, therefore, talking about the strategic location of the country, in the extreme west of Europe, where it enjoys the Atlantic influences and presents a Mediterranean climate that is described as enviable by almost everyone. With over 300 days of sunshine per year and being one of the world's mildest countries, Portugal impresses everyone with something that can not be bought, created or modified: a perfect climate.

The wonders of the Portuguese climate are, incidentally, part of another ranking recently given to our country. Launched by InterNations and surveying over 13,000 expatriates in 188 different countries, this new ranking indicates that Portugal has the second best climate in the world, just behind Greece.

In the opinion of these participants, among all possible destinations, Portugal is the second best place to enjoy a "sunny break". Having left the country for work, education, or personal reasons, expatriates remember their country as a sunny destination and where the climate is pleasant.
The growth of the luxury real estate market is also largely due to our country's high demand by foreigners from the most diverse backgrounds who are looking for an amiable and sunny country to live or invest in.

With fourteen agencies from north to south of the country, Engel & Völkers is the ideal company to help you throughout this process, thanks to its expertise and deep knowledge about the sector, it can even respond to the most demanding requests and find the right place for anyone who wants to enjoy the best climate in Portugal. With extensive experience in this field and being widely recognised within and beyond our borders, these real estate agents will listen to your needs and respond to you, in a personalised and fast manner. Finding a luxurious house will be easy with Engel & Völkers ... and in Portugal, apart from the house of your dreams, you will still have the luxury of the Mediterranean sunshine.

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