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Gastronomic treasures of Portuguese cuisine

When speaking of Portugal, you might think of the beach, forest, and mountain. But this country is more than just about tradition, hospitality, and football. One cannot talk about Portugal without mentioning the food. The Portuguese flavour, which serves from the north to the south on the tray of courtesy, filling the glasses with emotions and memorable dishes, is precisely the point that leads many travellers to linger at the table in the fascination of discovering these treasures in our gastronomy.
Today, it is all about taste. We want you to get to know some of the delicacies that mark the tradition in our country, which you may already know by heart as well as some of the best places to sample these delicacies.
Not being able to squeeze all the exquisite and flavoursome Portuguese gastronomic treasures in this article, we chose the top 5 of the flavours that, from north to south, can delight you during your stay in our country.

1. Francesinha
Francesinha is a highly respected dish throughout the country, although the northern region is the epicentre of its fame. In the unbeaten city, Porto, this is a delicacy that you will not be able to miss and that, of course, will be part of the menu of almost all the local restaurants.
It is a dish served hot, combining diverse ingredients such as meat, bread, sausage, ham, cheese and egg. And, of course, as the tradition says, all washed down with the unique francesinha sauce, with its secret yet to be revealed.

- Homemade_francesinha.jpg

    Photo: Francesinha

    2. Pastéis de Belém
    In Lisbon, in the area of ​​Belém and in the vicinity of monuments as renowned as the Monument of the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos) and the Jeronimos Monastery, you will find the Pastéis de Belém house: the only place in the world where you can taste the true and unique pastries with the same name.
    Although these pastries look like cream cake, the truth is that once you eat one, you will easily see that there is no comparison between the two. The soft and velvety flavour of the cream on the puff pastry has a secret recipe that only this house knows.

    3. Choco frito
    Setubal's fried cuttlefish is another must-try delicacy you can taste during your stay in the central region. This dish can be tasted in several restaurants in Seville and it is a recipe of fried cuttlefish strips with a crunchy and deliciously golden coating.
    Served with French fries and salad, the fried cuttlefish is also accompanied with a traditional mayonnaise-based sauce that helps to enhance the dish and make it unique.

- 5796781691_382eb7cbe2_b.jpg

    Photo: Pastéis de Belém

    4. Carne de porco à alentejana 
    It is not only in Alentejo that you can taste this dish but, without doubt, it is known well in this area. The Alentejo pork is marinated for 4 hours in white wine. Potatoes are then added to the dish as well as the sauce, which consists of fresh herbs, like parsley or coriander.
    This delicacy will make you get to know the Portuguese tradition, which has always been linked to earth and ocean.

    5. Marzipan cakes from the Algarve
    Made with almonds, sugar and eggs, these small cakes are in fruit shapes and will delight you with their delicious and sweet taste.
    The soft and slightly crunchy texture of this cake will melt in your mouth and will especially appeal to almond lovers. A delicacy that you won't be able to resist.

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