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How to make the most of your living room

The living room is where you will spend most of your time in. Being a space with multiple functions and often integrating a dining area with a rest area, this usually requires many furniture and decoration features.

If, in the past, these rooms used to be large and open, many people nowadays feel that it is almost impossible to create a functional environment, with all the necessary elements to simultaneously have a beautiful and organised room.

The truth is that while it may seem impossible for you to create a welcoming environment at first, it is still possible to do so in this room of the house ... and even relatively simple. There are several tricks to make this room look bigger and promote conviviality and well-being. Learn more by taking a look at our tips to optimise your living room.

1. Avoid dark colours
You may love the darker tones, such as blue, black or red ... but if your room isn't very big, the painted walls in these tones will further close up the room and make it look smaller. Try to use lighter shades on the walls of this room, such as white, beige, light gray or pastel colours.
These will make the room look bigger right away.Similarly, avoid really dark tones on the couch and curtains, although you can use some decorating elements (cushions or candles, for example) to make occasional contrasts and enhance the beauty of the space.

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2. Opt for simplicity
The rule of "less is more" applies perfectly to small rooms. A simpler decoration will make the room look more inviting and pleasant.
Avoid creating an environment where decoration objects and frames are accumulated. These tend to make the room less functional and create a decorative "stain" that makes the space look even smaller.

3. Use wall shelves
Instead of resorting to other furniture such as drawers, for example, opt for wall shelves.This is a very simple way of gaining space and playing with the decor, making the room an atmosphere full of personality and yet open at the same time.

4. Choose a single sofa
In case the room is not very spacious, using a single sofa instead of a two-seater sofa can help you gain space.
This sofa will also be very useful if you want to make a separation between the living room and the dining room. In this case, the back of the sofa would separate the two rooms and act an a partition.

5. Hang mirrors
In smaller rooms, mirrors are perfect for ensuring that the feeling of a more spacious room is created.
Replacing frames with mirrors will create, in our eyes, the sensation of being in a wider space. Even so, at the time of placing the mirrors on the walls, you must pay attention to their positioning in order to avoid the reflection caused by light bulbs or the less appealing spaces of the house through doors.

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