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Porto: a haven in the North

Those looking for a safe haven, a sanctuary, or a port of refuge, can turn to the city of Porto. Located in the north of Portugal, this city is the second most important in the country and is considered by many to be the northern capital.

In the heart of this city, it is easy to find the reasons that make it so acclaimed. Cultural richness, coupled with the promotion of the most diverse artistic events, is also combined with the profusion of fabulous infrastructures, in terms of transport, education, public venues and the labour market.

This is after all a city that highly values ​​its heritage and carries the memory of its past in unique traits, such as the historical centre that UNESCO considered World Heritage. But this city is not just based on its past. Here, the present vibrates, in a tenacious and intense cosmopolitan feeling amongst all the hustle and bustle that during the days and nights, vibrates and celebrates life. And the future? The future is being built in the different universities and in the way that more and more companies are looking for opportunities to expand and to bring the traces of what will come tomorrow.

In this city, also known as "Invicta City", tourists and locals are invited to enjoy the young and dynamic atmosphere by getting to know the best of the arts and culture. Here, literature, painting and music play a fundamental role, as expressed in galleries, festivals and posters that are full of activities. Its variety of options has, moreover, recently put this city in the top 10 of the most fun cities in the world.

In addition, Porto allows one to get to know some of the most beautiful historical and architectural sites, such as the D. Luís I Bridge, the Clérigos Tower, the Cathedral and the Palácio da Bolsa. These sites join the most acclaimed monuments, as well as the museums, which portray the energy of this city and its concern for history and arts. We are talking about places like the House Museum War Junqueiro, the Museum of Serralves and the House of Music.

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But it's not just memorials and venues that are a must-visit in the city. Porto undoubtedly excels by the natural beauty that fills it. A look at Douro River or the adjoining vineyards, as well as the walks through the green and telluric gardens allow a unique quality of life in the city. To enhance the beauty of the region, a taste of Douro wines or the famous Porto wine, brewed in the cellars that are located on the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia should not be missed.

But the locally produced wine is not the only tempting offer as this city also has a unique gastronomic richness, where dishes, such as Tripe, Caldo Verde, Francesinha, Gomes de Sá Cod and the iconic Jesuits are also on the menu. These delicacies, which are the typical tradition of the north, serve as a reminder of this city's culture, not only for their richness of flavour - which is clearly evident - but mainly for the mastery of their preparation and the way they are served, by the hospitable hands of the local people, always with an inviting word.

Along with the more ancestral features of what make porto a traditional city, there are also other aspects that bring it up to the 21st century and make it a destination with stable economy and a true stage of innovation. Although tourism is one of its main activities, over the years, this city's expansion has increased its demand not only by tourists. In fact, last year, this city ranked first among the most sought after destinations within the real estate sector, highlighting other prolific cities for investment in our country, such as Lisbon or the Algarve.

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