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"Portuguese Brunch": The best eateries in Lisbon area

Portugal is a very special country in terms of gastronomic delights. There are few places that serve better tasting foods and this has been noticed by those who live in this country or come for a visit. No matter how traditional its way of preparing food is, Portugal still looks for inspiration in foreign lands and masterfully adapts to other traditions. This is how in the heart of Lusitano (especially in the capital city) a new tradition is born: the brunch.

World-class brunch can be described as a mix between breakfast and lunch, meaning a truly enhanced breakfast experience for those who wake up late and do not want to waste time in the kitchen. In Portugal, this is an especially weekend tradition. Given the endless and wonderful options found in the various hotels, restaurants and cafes in Lisbon region, there are lots of people who have succumbed to the idea of brunch.

It is true that some culinary customs are losing their appeal among the varied offer of gastronomic delights. However, brunch seems to have come to stay and it has managed to conquer hearts and leave people's mouth watering.

Today, we will pay a quick visit to some of the best places to experience brunch in the Lisbon region. A delightful trip that will be the perfect way to start the day with sunshine and familiar flavours.

The day has begun. It's getting late and the sun is about to set. Let's go to Campo de Ourique. Here, at the Café do Mercado, the brunch is served. At 10 euros per person you can enjoy a meal where scrambled eggs with asparagus are accompanied with bread, fresh orange juice, yoghurt with cereals and fruits and, of course, the indispensable coffee. This is served every weekend.

Following Lisbon's streets and visiting Eleven, located in Parque Eduardo VII, you will discover one of the most excellent brunches in Lisbon every Saturday. Served between 12.30 and 3 in the afternoon, the brunch menu changes weekly and always offers great surprises on the table. What's never missing is the tasty bread, butter, homemade jam, fruit, yoghurt, fresh juice, and hot drinks (ranging from fresh orange juice to coffee). The menus of sausages and cheese are queens of this table where the best confection is guaranteed in the special dishes that are created every week.

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A little less expensive but just as excellent will be the option found in the area of ​​Saldanha, in Santo Bagel. This restaurant, which, as the name implies, is very dedicated to bread, will present you with specialties such as bageldict (a combination of eggs benedict and bagel, served as a delicious duo). In addition to these, salmon, bacon, butter, jam and nutella will be part of the menu. Drinks and yoghurt with granola are also included. You can try this brunch between 10am and 3pm.

But if you wish to get out and about and you do not want to sit inside a restaurant all day, Lisbon will not force you to do so. At Rua da Junqueira, you will find Marafalda. This "Algarve shop", as it is nicknamed, will serve you two different brunches according to your preference, on Saturdays and holidays. If the sun is shining, do not hesitate to ask for a picnic basket and a cloth, along with cakes, yoghurt with honey and walnuts, eggs, croissants and bread. This deli shop will be happy to provide you with everything you need.

In case you want to stay in Lisbon area but still wish to leave the city's hustle and bustle, we have two unmissable brunch suggestions in the Greater Lisbon area.

In Cascais, the Sheraton Cascais Resort will be a Sunday option for those who want to indulge in the best of local delicatessen, with bread, croissant, yoghurts and some hot dishes. Waffles and crepes are also offered in this rich brunch menu.

And finally, to finish this trip to the world of brunch, we could not forget to include Tábuas to our list. This restaurant, located in Sintra and has "Honest Food" concept, treats food with respect and mastery. Its brunch - which comes in 3 different courses and is served on Saturdays and Sundays, between 11:30 am and 4:30 pm - is no exception. From various breads, honey, homemade jams, cheese, sausages, rich soups, pancakes, salads and homemade cakes, many delights will be served within a familiar and welcoming setting.

These are just some of the best options for those who want to experience new traditions with a taste of "Portuguese brunch" in the Lisbon region.

Estas são algumas das melhores opções para quem quer criar novas tradições com o sabor de um "brunch à portuguesa" na região de Lisboa.

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