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Starting with the discovery of Costa Vicentina

There are 450 kilometres of road that invite us to get to know a route that passes through the coast and the heart of Portugal in Alentejo. Between vineyards and traditions, this region starts from Santiago do Cacém and reaches all the way to the point where the land meets the sea: the Cabo de São Vicente. Along the way, Portugal extends the invitation to introduce you to nature. From the Vincentian route you can find the wonderful and renowned Alentejo Natural Park and Costa Vicentina.

We are talking about a route that leads us through culture, tradition, and sustainability. A road that is made up of three paths, the History, the Fishermen's Trail and Circular Routes.In the first of these paths, we enter the Alentejo Natural Park and its forests, rivers and valleys, born among Alentejo's tradition, where settlements as symbolic as Odemira or Santa Clara a Velha. There are many trees to enjoy here and olive oil and wine are produced in wineries and factories.

On the Fisherman's Trail, a 120-kilometre road leads us to the sea, which is Portuguese in its essence and promises us the encounter with beautiful beaches, where you will certainly want to take a walk in, cycle or go horseback riding. Finally, on the eight Circular Routes, you can follow the water and rocky paths, advancing gently on a trail that begins and ends in the same place and promises to show you some wonderful places. For example, here you can follow the path of Pego das Pias, an excellent option for those who love natural beauty.

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Costa Vicentina is undoubtedly a trip for those who love nature in its purest form. But it will also be ideal for those who love culture and traditions of secular people. Craft, fishing, agriculture ... together with courteous and hospitable words in every person you meet are part of what lies hidden in this route.

Activities such as horse riding, yoga classes, the creation of gastronomic delicacies such as marmalade or simply picnicking by taking the beautiful Portuguese ingredients - such as red wine, cheese and sausages - will be at your disposal as part of the invitation to Portugal.

Do not, however, exhaust your appetite at this picnic. The gastronomy has a very special place in the Portuguese heart and there is nothing like experiencing the cuisines together with the Alentejo wine. Right on the coast, fresh fish and shellfish will await you. There are also rich meats, with a tender texture and with local spices and herbs that will also delight you

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