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The modern bedroom

When we think of adding a breath of fresh air to the furnishings of our own four walls, the bedroom is very rarely the first thing that comes to mind. We often give more importance to the ambience in the living room, our designer kitchen or the design of the feel-good bathroom. 

Yet we spend more than a third of our time in the bedroom, seeking rest, relaxation and a good night's sleep. Reason enough for us to take a look at just what is necessary for this to happen. We have tips for you on how to turn your bedroom into a retreat where you can feel good and dream away.

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A good night's rest never goes out of fashion 

Looking to furnish your bedroom in a more modern way? Our suggestions are not just about following the latest trends in interior design. For us, a modern bedroom is always also homely, stylish and health-promoting. 

Restful sleep that allows us to regenerate and wake up full of energy in the morning is the leitmotif. Sleeping problems are often related to an inadequate work-life balance. Stress-reducing changes are one thing, but when redesigning your bedroom, there are also factors that help you to relax better in the evening and sleep through the night again.

As you make your bed, so you lie in it. At the top of the list is the quality of support and this depends decisively on the quality of the bed and the mattress. There are products on the market to meet a wide range of requirements and for every budget. Our sincere recommendation: Test it before you buy it. Get expert advice and find out what suits your needs. 

In addition to a new, sleep-enhancing mattress, it can be fun to get inspiration for a more modern bed or a style change from current home trends. One way to do this is at the larger furniture stores, which often have a variety of styles and the latest trends on display. This way you can find out what appeals to you more: the Nordic Scandi style or the Asian Japandi.

Minimalism paired with cosiness makes you feel at peace

In the bedroom, less is often more. An ambience that allows you to leave the tensions of the day behind and come to rest. That's why a minimalist interior is a good choice. The choice of colour is also very important. Both that of the wall and of the home textiles. Soft, muted colours in natural tones help you find serenity and peace of mind. 

In colour theory, shades of blue and green are also considered calming. In the bedroom in particular, cushions, duvet covers or bedspreads are suitable for introducing desired splashes of colour that promote harmony and do not have an irritating effect.

Also look for duvets and pillowcases that promote relaxation. High-quality natural materials not only immensely increase the feeling of well-being, they also regulate the body temperature and ensure restful sleep. 

Do you like the naturalness of a genuine hardwood floor or a designer floor made of vinyl or PVC? No matter which floor covering you choose, you should not completely do without carpets in the bedroom. With their extravagant details, they can not only serve as visual highlights, but also provide comfort and a pleasant walking experience. After all, we are often barefoot in the bedroom. 

Nature, air and light 

Bring some nature into your home and create a better indoor climate with plants, because good air also contributes to the quality of sleep. Surround yourself with your favourite green plants, they create atmosphere and promote good health.

Last but not least, you need the right lighting. Especially if you find it difficult to switch off in the evening, you should put emphasis on a coherent lighting concept. Soft, indirect light calms the senses. A dimming option would be perfect here, and if you like to pick up a book in the evening, a direct light source on the bedside table should provide sufficiently bright reading light. 

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