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Tips to make your home safe for children

There is a popular saying that a home with children is always a happier home. It is true! However, a house with children also causes new concerns, especially with regard to their safety in the face of the dangers invariably offered by each room in the house.
Desiring, above all, child safety, many people are looking for solutions that help secure a safe home for the little ones.
Today, we will give you some tips to make your home as safe as possible for a child.

1. Review the possible dangers around the house
When toddlers start walking, in the event of falls and distractions, they tend to bang their heads against things. Covering the edges of the furniture with a protector will help make the home safer.

2. Lock up everything
Whether they are drawers or closets, children tend to get the urge to open them out of curiosity. Lock up any storage spaces that may contain dangerous objects.

3. Place earthing protectors on wires
The same curiosity leads many children to put their fingers in the plugs, risking them to becot the victim of an electric shock. Get specific protectors to avoid this type of accident.

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4. Set up a security gate in the house
Gates or grills are a good idea for families who have a house with stairs or a particularly dangerous room for the child. These security gates will stop kids from entering the room and bring peace of mind to the parents.

5. Beware of rugs
Rugs can be a hazard to children and in rooms that have them, parents must ensure their children's safety by getting anti-skids, which prevent them from curling or slipping.

6. Kitchen utensils
The location of kitchen utensils is key. Always make sure you place the sharp objects in the highest drawers and lock them away. Similarly, when cooking with frying pans or saucepans, do not leave them on the front nozzles, since the child can pull them and end up burning.

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7. Water temperature
When there is a child at home, the temperature of taps and showers should be adjusted through heat regulators in order to prevent the child from burning.

8. Use anti-slip mat in the bathtub
Slipping in the tub can happen to anyone but with a child, putting a mat in the tub becomes even more important.

9. Close the windows from the latch

Children often have the desire to fly "like the animated puppets." They are drawn to the open windows. It will be safer to lock them from the latch.

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