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Top once-in-a-lifetime trip ideas

Travelling is one of the most essential pleasures of the current century and it is now becoming easier than ever before to travel the globe. The travelling processes are now becoming simpler, flight prices are streamlined, and more countries are welcoming visitors. Despite the wealth of options and the various places that are sought to attract tourists, there are certain landscapes that deserve a visit, even if you only go there once. The following are destinations that deserve special attention for their uniqueness, mysticism, and beauty.

1. Naples (Italy)
Although Italian cuisine is always deified as a whole, the truth is that a significant part of the delicacies enunciated is of Neapolitan origin. The pizzas, panuozzo, casatiello, paccheri, zeppole, spaghetti in its different varieties, pastiera or struffoli are the iconic cuisines, as well as the very culture that characterises the people of this region.

2. Tromsø (Norway)
Northern Europe contains incredible mysteries and mythologies, which merge with the natural beauty of its landscapes. Tromsø is considered as an incredible destination thanks to its imposing fjords and the photogenic aurora borealis. The city is situated in northern Norway and the climate can be quite harsh. This is something that can only lend more charm to this established city.

3. Havana (Cuba)
Visiting Cuba is an absolutely indescribable sensation, since you will feel as though you have travelled back in time. Somewhat like the "Buena Vista Social Club", Havana looks like a historic city that has stood still in time. In this region, it is great to take a fantastic tour of the beach in an old car. The return to the 60s seems easy in Cuba.

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4. Japan
It is almost impossible to highlight only one city in Japan, due to the wealth that the Japanese towns offer to those who visit them. The culture shock is incredible, whatever the visitor's background, and Japanese mysticism is simply breathtaking. The traditions of Kyoto, the intensity of Tokyo, the history of Hiroshima and the technology of Yokohama are proof of a unique nation and possess the most suis generis culture in the world.

5. Chile
Chile is an authentic place full of sceneries and a paradise for those who want to get up close to different geographical morphologies. For those who want to experience the qualities of several countries within one place, then Chile is the right choice to make. From its beaches, the mountains, the glaciers, the Easter Island and the forest, the qualitative aspects of this country are almost endless and deserving of a visit, even if you only go once.

6. United States of America

Whether you like it or hate it, the United States presents incredible diversity and it is almost impossible not to appreciate one or more states of the world's largest nation. From the largest cosmopolitan centres to the Rocky Mountains, the US territory is a veritable palette of different tastes and cultures. Driving on the Route 66 is a good suggestion to get into the heart of the country.

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7. Seoul (South Korea)
Seoul is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, providing a very interesting visit for gadget and digital technology lovers. The South Korean capital is an extremely active place, where culture, arts, and new gadgets form an explosive miscellany. Visiting Seoul is like travelling to the future, without leaving the present.

8. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Dubai is perhaps the crown jewel of luxury tourism and the perfect destination for visitors who can and do want total comfort. Buildings, hotels, restaurants and attractions are of the highest quality, with no room for frugality or restrictions. The heat and the specific regulations of the place may not please everyone, but there is no problem that money cannot solve. At least not in Dubai.

9. Sydney (Australia)

Australia has incredible biodiversity, but it is Sydney that has the most colourful image of the Australian territory. The country's best-known city serves as one of the most spectacular year-round trips available in the world. The Opera House acts as a backdrop for the pyrotechnic spectacle, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year and provides an unforgettable experience.

10. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Even for those who are not a big fan of the beach, Brazil is an authentic mine for having a good time in. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is one of the liveliest parties in the world and catches the attention of different types of tourists as it is one of the best known events in the world. The "docinha" language, the culture of a country that's full of poets and the social inequalities are all scenes that will leave a lasting impression on you.

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