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Top ranking universities in Portugal

Excellence, transparency, presence, and influence are some of the factors that help determine the ranking of higher education institutions.

Factors such as the teaching quality of the university, the presence of practical components (such as equipped, modernised and quality laboratories), faculty and teaching methods and, of course, the resources offered to the student community are all taken into account.

When choosing a university to study in or taking part in a student exchange programme, it is important to get to know the best universities. Similarly, employers pay more attention to the educational institutions that the candidates have attended as they believe top academic centres are a real added value in the creation of great professionals.

- Univ_Nova_Lisboa.jpg

This concern with the quality of universities is also true in our country and educational institutions are ranked based on several factors.

Today, we look at Portugal and assess the excellence of its higher education. Here are the 10 best Portuguese universities and their place in the international ranking.

1. Porto University 

The first place in the national ranking with regard to higher education institutions goes to Porto University. At the international level, it occupies the 181st place.

2. Lisbon University

Lisbon University is the second place in the ranking of the best universities in Portugal. Internationally, it is in an honourable 267th place.

3. Coimbra University

In 306th place in the international ranking, we find the University of Coimbra. This is the third ranked in the list of best Portuguese universities.

- Reitoria_Universidade_(Porto).JPG

4. Minho University

With two campuses, located in Braga and Guimarães, this university is in the 4th place in the ranking of the best Portuguese universities. Internationally it is in 389th place.

5. New Lisbon University

It is ranked 419 in the international ranking. In Portugal, this university in Lisbon ranks 5th.

6. Aveiro University

The 6th place in the national ranking of higher education institutions goes to the city of Aveiro. The university is at 487th internationally.

- evora.jpg

7. Polytechnic Institute of Porto

We return to the unbeaten city to find the 7th place in the national ranking of universities. This institute is at 1072th internationally.

8. Évora University 

In Alentejo, we find this university at the 8th place nationally. The University of Évora occupies the 1131st place internationally.

9. Portuguese Catholic University

Also based in Lisbon, the Portuguese Catholic University also reaches the top 10 of the best national universities, ranking 9th. Worldwide it occupies the 1134th position.

10. Beira Interior University 

Finally, the 10th best Portuguese university is Beira Interior University. The 10th place is national and 1147th place internationally.

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