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Vilamoura: more than just a destination, it's a lifestyle

In the heart of the Algarve, in the civil parish of Quarteira, a very special resort has captured the hearts of its local and foreign visitors. Its name is Vilamoura.

In close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region and acclaimed for its beauty, diversity of leisure options and the hospitable way its locals always welcome those who arrive here, Vilamoura is considered much more than a tourist destination. It is perceived by those who come to visit it as a lifestyle that seamlessly mixes the Portuguese culture reality with its dreamlike experience, where there is no shortage of refinement, nature and heritage.

As the largest European tourist resort, Vilamoura is rich in places of interest offers for travellers. Hotel resorts and tourist villages, where you will dream of spending a few days there, add to the luxury of beautiful villas and flats that will definitely invite you to extend your stay or perhaps stay for good...

Staying here is, in fact, what many people have done. Vilamoura has responded to their needs by creating the infrastructures that allow the place to become a home. Here, international schools, renowned clinics, post offices and even spiritual venues allow the lifestyle of this land to become a way of life for good.

Stretching under a sun that insists on shining for more than 300 days a year, Vilamoura is passionate about everyone's well-being: travellers who bask in the sun for a few weeks; the residents who create the most charming life here; and the nature, which takes care of the environmental sustainability.

In fact, according to the Publituris Portugal Trade Awards, Vilamoura was highlighted for its resort by receiving the award for the "Best Portuguese Marina"; a prize which, from all the travellers' point of view, is easily justified by the beautiful scenery of this place.

With the promise of a tranquil life and full of privileges, Vilamoura brings with it many options to suit all tastes, personalities, and ages. The activities offered are a true range of diversity, inviting everyone to live the kind of life they dream of.

Among the green spaces, where parks and cliffs extend for several kilometres, it is possible to enjoy the best strolls and take advantage of the pure and oceanic air. As the sea is right there at your doorstep, there are plenty of water activities, ranging from speedboats, yachts and sailboats for scuba diving and sport fishing.

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On land, there are also other types of sports to participate in. Vilamoura is home to a renowned equestrian centre, which hosts such events as the Vilamoura Champions Tour. In terms of cycling, it will have traffic-free road networks and the possibility of exploring the most terrestrial places on two wheels. Tennis and paddle tennis at the Vilamoura Tennis Academy are practiced throughout the year. Speaking of sports, golf is not to be forgotten as a regional star, since Vilamoura hosts such prestigious events like The European Tour Portugal Masters.

Those who prefer cultural options will not be disappointed, neither with the cultural activities nor with Cerro da Vila museum, where the past remains in the form of an exhibition of Roman and Moorish ruins. And to bring the day to an end, the nightlife will also be a joyful surprise, between the live music from the bars, the vibrancy of the nightclubs and the excitement of the casino games.

In addition to all this, Vilamoura is a destination that due to its location, invites you to visit other beautiful places on the coast. A visit to Olhos de Agua and Ria Formosa will be a must for all who stay there, guaranteeing a brief trip that will bring a surprising and comforting sensation of pleasure, allowing a glance at the immensity of the ocean, which begins from the pure and white sands and ends in a horizon where, at sunset, the most beautiful view takes place.

Being a starting point for the best sea trips, Vilamoura is also the ideal place to start an adventure and get to know the Algarve on a boat trip.

Finally, Vilamoura is a place full of unique flavours. Here, the fish and seafood dishes are the kings of the table, along with the Portuguese wines that are sampled during the long meals by the sea. Tasty and rich, the food will be served with the courtesy and hospitality that characterises the Portuguese people so well, thus raising the experience to an even higher level.

The same courtesy can also be found in the professionalism of Engel & Völkers in Vilamoura, a luxury estate agency that will help you find the perfect home to settle in the magnificent Vilamoura.

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