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Wall Street Journal highlights Lisbon among top technology hubs

Lisbon is a city full of wonders and it never ceases to amaze. This city in the central region of Portugal, which is also its capital, was recently placed by the American newspaper, Wall Street Journal, at the top of the preferences list for the construction of technology centres or hubs on European soil.
Other European cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Edinburgh and Krakow, were also added next to the Portuguese capital, and the newspaper considers that these cities are particularly prolific when it comes to setting up technological hubs for development purposes.

Lisbon has been taking an innovative and well-acted stance in its use of dated premises - as its historical and architectural value is undeniable - to house incubation and coworking spaces. This will undoubtedly be one of the factors that contributed most to the Portuguese capital rising to the top of the list of the most prolific European cities for technological hubs.

Prequin's data regarding the investment made on European soil in 2017 shows that in Europe, the companies made an approximate investment of 12.4 million euros that came from venture capital. These numbers can be explained in part by the government initiative that, in view of greater technological growth at the local level, has created entrepreneurial and international events and launched several startups.

Currently, on national soil, there are more than 100 business startups with legal registration in the National Network of Incubators, an organisation that was started precisely to respond to the desire to implement new entrepreneurship measures in the country.
Recently highlighted by various means of media sites, the implantation of the renowned companies in our country was announced. Names as established as Amazon and Google have already established themselves in Portugal, taking advantage of the added value offered, and attracting world attention to our country.

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This interest in our country comes at a time when companies are beginning to abandon the old technological cities - such as Berlin or London - and are instead looking for places where there is a better opportunity for talent development and for the generation of a real competitive opportunity vis-à-vis companies that dominate the current market.

The look on this entrepreneurial and prolific dynamic in our country is also present in Atomico's report. At the end of 2017, this venture capital company revealed in its report named "State of European Tech" that the Lusitanian capital was the 8th best city for a business startup on European soil. The author of this report, Tom Wehmeier, saw Lisbon's full potential as a place where quality of life is combined with many opportunities in the world of business, which can act as a catalyst for new (and old) talents.

Containing in itself a well-known wealth, where there are plenty of places to visit, flavours to sample, moments to experience the best of the world, opportunities to take advantage of, and lots of projects to carry further, the Portuguese capital has proven once again that it is in the centre of global attention, taking over as a growing venue, where investors can safely find opportunities with a future.
A clear example of how investment in Lisbon can be advantageous for Portuguese and foreigners is related to the property market. It is clearly visible in the 2017 property market figures from the prestigious company Engel & Völkers - and with a tendency to increase in 2018 -

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In addition to the aforementioned prominence of the city of Lisbon as the top priority for the creation of technology centres, this growth can be explained by the way in which Portugal has been acclaimed in several points: for its safety, its link to quality of life and cost of living and its importance for the retired.
Lisbon is particularly a centre of prominence, becoming the heart of a growing country, where opportunities are aplenty and they attract entrepreneurs and investors from the most diverse destinations. This ancient city is currently at the centre of technological advancements and at the forefront in various market sectors.

A historical, leisure, technological and refined centre, our country continues to prove its value daily through projects that revitalise its territory and make its cities - with an emphasis on the Lisbon capital - a place worth investing in.

This prominence of the city of Lisbon as a favourite place for the establishment of new technological centres is good news, both for the national economic scenario in general; but also for the property market. This new categorisation of the Portuguese capital presents this city as one of the most acclaimed investment destinations in Europe and can lead to the already expected growth of record numbers that were obtained in 2017.

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