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Why digital property trends are important for agents

One of the most important property trends at the moment is the rise of digital media. If you don’t already have a social media presence and website, you’ll be missing out on prime marketing opportunities. However, while anyone can create a Facebook profile, not everyone knows what to do with it. It’s important to understand how to use these platforms effectively in order to connect with clients and increase your brand awareness at the same time.

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Understand how buyers search for properties

The real estate industry is shifting to digital platforms in order to match the buying process. Last year,44 percent of home buyers began their search for properties online. While in the past buyers would turn to friends or newspaper advertisements, in today’s digital age property trends tend to begin online. Yet at the same time, 88 percent of these same home buyers worked with an agent. This opens up a prime opportunity for real estate agents to utilise digital sources in order to capture leads and engage with buyers. Buyers use social media, mobile apps and real estate blogs as vital sources of information.

Why you need a social media presence

Social media offers buyers the chance to connect with friends, family and businesses alike, and platforms like Facebook open the doors to word of mouth marketing. An active social media presence is vital for real estate agents today because you can target listings to a local market. You’ll be able to run contests, notify followers about open houses or special events, and draw attention to new posts on your website.

Engaging with clients

To best engage with followers on your social media profiles, you need to post regularly to hold their interest. The Engels & Völkers Instagram page posts daily images of highly desirable luxury properties to keep followers intrigued. You can use this concept on a local level, showing off new listings or neighbourhood features to showcase your local expertise. If clients leave comments on your posts, respond quickly to spark conversation. Contests are an excellent way to use social media as a tool to engage. There’s a Facebook Contest app you can download to run your own competitions, whether it’s asking followers to vote on their favourite property listing or submit photos of their home renovations.

Live video property trends

Online video is a proven way to boost brand awareness, engage clients and generate leads. If you’re interested in boosting your digital presence, live streaming videos is one of the latest key trends. Facebook’s live streaming video feature allows you to showcase listings in a new, innovative way. From live property tours to interviews with clients, your video snippets should be designed to inform and entertain viewers. The Engels & Völkers Facebook profile uses video extensively to show off featured properties or entice followers with impressive views. Be sure to optimise these videos with the appropriate tags so that potential buyers will be able to find them.

A simple way to generate success with social media is to follow the basic 80/20 rule when posting. This means posting 20% of content about your real estate listings, and the other 80% about general lifestyle topics or property trends. By keeping these tips in mind, your digital footprint will be breezy, engaging and professional at the same time.

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