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Winter sports in Portugal: the best options

Portugal is a country that stands out for its moderate climate and the many sunny days it offers, with usually mild temperatures, which intersperse between hot summers and cooler and wet winters. Of course, these characteristics make the Lusitanian country more acclaimed for experiencing the summer and its pleasures rather than for enjoying the icy wonders of the coldest days of the year. Still, the truth is that this country, which is located on the Atlantic coast, enjoys many natural wonders and thanks to them, even with an enviable temperate climate, it does not fail to offer residents and visitors the chance to experience winter sports.

Ski enthusiasts will discover that in Portugal, the cold winter days bring with them a white blanket of snow in the region of Covilhã. Serra da Estrela, with 2000 metres of altitude, wraps this mantle with pride, inviting fans of snow sports to practice activities as extreme as skiing and snowboarding. With a beautiful landscape, in the heart of the natural park, in the town of Seia, you will find the famous Tower. Here you will find the only ski resort in the country, where all the infrastructures show the features of sophistication, modernity and rigor. To assure moments of fun for its visitors - and prolong the winter wonders - this resort counts on scientific innovation and produces artificial snow for 150 days, so it is always painted with the cold white snow.

- Desportos de inverno em Portugal

An unforgettable visit for snow lovers and winter sports is the Portuguese Ski Resort located in Serra da Estrela. This resort is not just for extreme sports, although it promises to stimulate the participants with ski and snowboarding classes with its 18 pistes (9 of which are marked and 9 are natural). This resort offers pure fresh air, the natural wonders of the mountains, and the longing for taking a dip in the waters of the lakes. Here you can take a stroll on your own with snowshoes and even experience a romantic picnic with the finest food 2000 metres high up in the mountains with the natural blessing of the landscape and an excellent infrastructure.

If it is true that Serra da Estrela is the only destination in Portugal for those who love skiing and snowboarding, it also offers other options that are just as equally feasible and coveted by those who like to enjoy the playful wonders of winter throughout Portugal. A good example of this is in the city of Viseu, in the emblematic Palácio do Gelo shopping mall. In addition to hundreds of shops, cafes and restaurants; you will explore the magic of winter on an ice rink, where skating is possible throughout the year. This ice rink aimed to create a space for those who appreciate the winter wonders in Portugal, by stimulating the practice of sports activities that would otherwise not be viable. Ice hockey and figure skating training also take place here so you can either skate on your own or take skating classes. One of the great advantages of the Viseu shopping mall's ice rink is that it is open to the public throughout the year. If your visit to Portugal coincides with the Christmas season, you can still take the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of winter sports in other regions of the country. 

Lisbon, for example, has already marked the tradition of setting up the Wonderland Lisbon in the heart of the city. This is a venue consisting of an ice rink that delights all those who enjoy this activity. What's more, on the outskirts of the capital, it is possible to enjoy ice skating with a visit to Marechal Carmona Park with its "Cascais Christmas Village" or, through the river crossing, you can pay a visit to Alegro de Setúbal and Fórum Montijo. Continuing our way down the map, there are also the small ice rinks situated in the Fórum Algarve and in the Coliseu Comendador Rondão Almeida, in the city of Elvas. Heading north, another venue where ice skating can be enjoyed during the Christmas season is the Vila Natal de Óbidos. And finally, to brighten up your cold wintry days, the Porto region offers ice rinks in Praça D. João I Square and Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square. 

An itinerary full of surprises, as far as winter sports are concerned, Portugal offers its white and icy blankets to visitors, allowing them to experience - even in this mild climate - all the fun and excitement of snow and ice.

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