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That´s me, Anni! - Working Student at E&V Technology

That's me

I am Ann-Christine Schuster, 24 years old and live in a small town called Glückstadt, which is about 60 kilometres northwest of Hamburg and part of Schleswig-Holstein. In my spare time I do horse riding (dressage) and otherwise I do what probably everybody likes to do: meeting friends, go out for dinner, look for nice clothes in shop windows or just relax and watch a series on Netflix. Since this would be too boring in the long run and I like to take on challenges, I decided to start my studies ;).

I am studying Business Psychology (B.A. of Arts) in the 4th semester full-time and currently work as a working student in the Technology Community & Onboarding team at Engel & Völkers Technology GmbH. My connection to Engel & Völkers goes back almost 4 years: In August 2014 I started and successfully completed a two-year training as a real estate agent with a license partner of Engel & Völkers inn hamburg. Afterwards I decided to start my studies, but the connection to the company Engel & Völkers was not broken. This means that, in addition to my studies at the Engel & Völkers headquarters, I started working as a student trainee and had the opportunity to work in various company departments, such as the HR department, the license partner support and currently the technology department. I am very grateful to have this experience, as it offers me deep insights into the professional world and the structure of a successful and internationally operating company. For this reason, I can only recommend everyone to work as a working student in addition to their studies, as they can gain work experience, bring a lot of practical experience into their studies - and vice versa - and make contacts. Of course I can only recommend working as a student trainee at Engel & Völkers Technology :).

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently working as a student trainee in the Technology Community & Onboarding department. If one thing is certain with regard to my working student activities there, it is that every working day holds new challenges and tasks in store for me and that a high degree of communication and interaction with the employees is required. My tasks are very varied and therefore every working day is exciting anew: I support new employees from Germany and abroad in their entry into the company, e.g. by supporting them in applying for the Blue Card or in finding a flat, and I also support them at any time as a contact for questions and problems. This means that I am also responsible for finding solutions to problems that arise in the onboarding process as quickly as possible. Working with colleagues from all over the world, such as Brazil, Russia or Egypt, is super exciting and totally enriches me, because you learn a lot about other cultures, mentalities and customs there. I also organise internal and external events, such as photo shoots for our new employees or team events such as a canoe trip on the Alster or small parties on the Kiez. Another of my tasks is our own blog, the TechBlog. I support the team in maintaining the content so that it is always up-to-date and presents new articles on current tech topics at E&V to the readers every week. 

Of course, in addition to these basic tasks there are also small projects that offer the possibility to slip into the roles of a project manager and to plan one's own project from start to finish. I am currently working on the project "Welcome Book", which provides an internal booklet with important topics and information (insurance, apartment search, shopping hours,...) regarding life in Germany for our employees - coming from abroad - to read. 

That is great about E&V Technology

I was inspired by the corporate culture and the working world at E&V Technology from day one and felt super comfortable: we are a multicultural team, maintain a very friendly relationship, nobody sits in front of their computer all day long. We are constantly interacting with each other, also talking about private matters and laughing together extensively, both in the professional context, as well as at common after work evenings or events organized by the company. Of course, work does not suffer under any circumstances. By the great working group one goes at the end of the proverbial (work) day not only with success experiences, but also positively tuned home...

Equally positive is the student traineeship at E&V Technology. As a working student, I was accepted into the team from the very first day. People were interested in me, I was given complete trust and responsibility right from the start. This enabled me to organize and execute my work steps independently, thus actively supporting and relieving my work colleagues. It is also a great benefit to work with your own company laptop and mobile phone. What is also important to me is flexibility and participation. E&V Technology also fulfils these aspects, because e.g. changes in the lecture plan or short-term postponements are dealt with here with great understanding. I would also like to highlight the Flexible Office (working outside the office) as a benefit. With regard to the possibilities of participation, I can confirm that a lot of room is given to one's own ideas and suggestions and that personal initiative, commitment and thinking'beyond one's own nose' is encouraged.

All in all I am very happy to belong to such a great team and such a successful company! I really enjoy coming to the office and tackling the next to-do's with my colleagues and supporting the company day by day with passion, professionalism and innovative thinking in digitizing our working world.

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