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Aree di Licenza Disponibili

Engel & Völkers offers exclusive, protected license areas to license partners. These areas are each distinguished by substantial sales potential through high transaction volumes. Across our Engel & Völkers international network, multiple promising license areas are available. Find out more below. 


At the heart of Europe, with a prestigious geographic position, Austria is today one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Gifted by beautiful mountains in the Alps, forests and different holiday destinations, it is home to beautiful cities, such as Vienna and Salzburg, and known by its outstanding standard of living.


The small country is one of the most industrialized and urbanized countries in Europe. Home to beautiful landscapes and known by its chocolate and beer, Belgium is densely populated and has very high living standards. It is often referred to as the capital of the EU.


Known for its beautiful beaches and pristine nature, Croatia offers considerable sales potential on its internationally renowned coastline. From the northern Istria county, all the way to the South coast of Split-Dalmatia, the country offers amazing views and beautiful second home locations.


Home to Engel & Völkers and Europe’s biggest economic power, the country is gifted with amazing landscapes, including forests, rivers, mountain ranges and the beautiful North Sea beaches. Its natural beauty, together with its incredible history and culture makes Germany’s real estate market one of the most promising markets in the world.


Occupying a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea, Italy offers some of the most varies landscapes in the world. From the northern Alps mountains to the southern beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia, home to the Roman Empire and known by its remarkable cuisine, the country’s real estate market has something for everyone.


One of Europe’s favorite touristic destinations, the Netherlands is home to scenic landscapes, breathtaking canals and a beautiful coastal shore. Known by its world-renowned museums, culture and its innovative and unique architecture, the country offers outstanding real estate opportunities, from small towns to its well-known capital Amsterdam.

North and Central America

Starting from the majestic mountains and beautiful blue rivers and lakes in Canada, passing through deserts, forests and amazing cities in the United States, and stopping at unbelievable tropical beaches in the Caribbean, our North and Central America franchise destinations have a lot to offer.


One of the oldest continuously existing nation estate in Europe, Portugal has one of the greatest diversity of natural landscapes. Located on the Iberian Peninsula and including the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, the country is home to dazzling beaches, historic cities and a world-renowned cuisine.


With an impressive landscape including snow capped mountains, stone castles, vast monuments, and sophisticated cities, Spain is today one of the favorite holiday and second home destinations. Home to amazing islands and beautiful coastal cities full of culture and history, the real estate market in the country offers diverse opportunities.

Rest of the World

Our international network offers opportunities all over the globe. Just contact us to know more.

Are you interested in opening your own real estate agency in one of our countries?

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