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  • 12.11.2021

Enjoy autumn at home with all your senses

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, as the leaves rustle under our feet and the umbrella is needed more and more often - then we know that autumn is here. 

Autumn has without a doubt its own very special appeal. It is not without reason that philosophers and poets have throughout the ages embraced it with fervour, evoking with wistfulness its melancholy, but always also its romanticism. Mourning the joys of summer passed at least for a moment is only human. But those who do not close their minds to the true nature of autumn, and make some well-considered preparations, can experience it as a season of enjoyment and quiet contemplation. 

We have some helpful tips and suggestions on how you can enjoy autumn at home to the full.

Let there be light

What we are really missing with the onset of the darker seasons is light and warming rays of sunshine. But the darkness and dankness of autumn are challenges that you can and will overcome. 

In order not to give in to the dampened mood of the "autumn blues", consider a suitable lighting concept for your home. Because in nature, light and darkness determine when we are active. Darkness leads to increased production of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. So on grey and dark days, make sure you have wholesome sources of light so you don't lose motivation and drive.

The type of light and the brightness also influence our mood. Look around for smart home solutions that support you throughout the day with a harmonious lighting concept for your home or apartment.

And also for your outdoor area. It can be wonderfully inspiring to enjoy the evening in a cosy, warm living room with a fine glass of red wine and to let the strikingly illuminated trees or purposefully highlighted areas in your garden take their effect on you.

Fresh air 

With a little goodwill from the weather gods, autumn often offers opportunities to use the weather-protected areas or your covered lounge corner in the garden for that extra dose of oxygen. A little time outdoors definitely lifts your spirits and boosts your immune system. 

If you do not have weatherproof outdoor furniture, we recommend that you protect the furniture from the rain by storing it in the basement or under special windproof covers in due time. This way you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Inside the house, too, proper ventilation is an important factor in avoiding the dreaded consequences of dampness. Late summer and autumn mark the start of the heating season, so you can keep warm and cosy at home. Warm room air, however, holds moisture better than cold air. 

This is where the danger lies: When this warm air reaches the colder outer walls, humidity condenses and causes damp areas to form. This of course is particularly often the case in old buildings and poorly insulated buildings and shows a need for renovation.

A modern property should not have any such cold bridges that promote the formation of mould due to precipitating moisture. Nevertheless, it is just as important here to ventilate smartly. Ventilate extensively every day to facilitate the exchange of humid warm air with fresh air from outside. 

Leaving the windows tilted open during the day, which is a common practice, is not advisable during the humid season, as it promotes the growth of mould spores in the surrounding masonry due to the condensation that occurs.

Tips for the everyday and for the exceptional in everyday life

Autumn also brings with it the problem of dampness in the house or apartment. Provide practical solutions for the daily handling of wet umbrellas and drenched shoes, such as drip-off points in suitable areas. This way they do not become a constant nuisance. Perhaps in your bathroom, which is often equipped with a practical air extractor. Here you can also hang up your dripping wet jacket right in the shower.

In addition to these rather practical details that make life a little easier, we would also like to point out the proverbial golden side of autumn. It is a time for contemplation and cosy evenings on the sofa in a woollen cardigan. At long last, it's fun again to snuggle up in those cosy cushions by candlelight and on the weekend end the day with a good book after a long autumn walk.

Brighten up your home with some of nature's cosy autumn atmosphere. A wonderfully colourful bouquet of autumn flowers is both an atmospheric eye-catcher and soothing for the soul. Fill your fruit bowl with sumptuous, red-cheeked apples and decorate with bright pumpkins as you see fit. We are sure that this will put a smile on your face during the autumn days.


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